Antonio Tizapa runs marathon

Antonio Tizapa, a marathon runner and resident of New York, is also the father of one of the 43 disappeared.

Ayotzinapa Student Testimony

Ayotzinapa student who escaped forced disappearence in Iguala, Guerrero speaks out.

Mexicans Protest at NY Consulate

The NY based collective accused the Mexican government of hypocrisy.

Follow the Money: Enlace and the Prison Divestment Campaign

The largest private prison firm in the United States drafted a bill to criminalize immigrants.

NYU's Kimmel Center Cancels Ayotzinapa Event

A documentary on Ayotzinapa Normal students at New York University's Kimmel Center was cancelled.

Mexican and Black Solidarity

Protests after Sterling shot and killed by Baton Rouge police.

Somos Los Otros Slandered by Mexican Government

After Somos Los Otros NY, shouts "¡Asesino!" at Enrique Peña Nieto, NYC consulate censors the group.

B&H Abuses Mexican Labor

B&H continues to engage in anti-labor laws. Now they are headed into a lawsuit citing workplace discrimination against primarily Mexican workers in Brooklyn.



NAFTA has been opposed by labor and student organizations in Mexico, US, and Canada, the signatories to this agreement for restricting its benefits to wielders of private capital.

Mexican Government Withdraws Protection For High-Profile Murder Witness

While Jose Luis Abarca is jailed for the murder of Arturo Hernandez, he is also linked to the disappearance of 43 Ayotzinapa students.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights condemns Mexican government

UN reiterated his conviction that the case of the 43 is illustrative of Mexico's generalized human rights crisis.

Mexico Finance Minister quits post after Trump fiasco with EPN

Videgaray made a doctoral thesis focused on using oil shocks as a means to disrupt public spending and control over the oil industry

Indigenous Elders of the Condor & Eagle Summit (9/21/2016)

Indigenous communities from throughout Abya Yala converge in New York as they pledge to influence the UN General Assembly on climate issues and native land rights.

Contra la Desaparición Forzada (12/19/2014)

La Coalición Ayotzinapa, N.Y., llevo a cabo una reunion con los abogados de los padres de familia de los 43 estudiantes secuestrados por las Policías municipal.

Father of Disappeared Student Responds to Clinton

Antonio Tizapa responds to Clinton statements on Ayotzinapa during her Democratic Primary campaign.

The Mexican community protested against the Enrique Peña Nieto visit to New York, at the St Regis hotel.

The Mexican community protested against the Enrique Peña Nieto visit to New York, at the St Regis hotel.

Activists in New York hold fundraiser for Red Solidaria: Decada Contra La Impunidad

In anticipation for the visit the Mexican advocacy and human rigths defense group, Red Solidaria Decada Contra La Impunidad, Mexicans in New York held a fundraising event in Brooklyn.

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