La Cartita


Liverpool According to SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) filings, California Public Employers Fund(CALPERS) currently holds over 1 million shares in Energy Transfer Partners stock. Therefore, the State of California's employees have a little under 40 million dollars directly tied to Energy Transfer Partners. more »

"Mi Casa No Es Su Casa"



'Mi Casa No Es Su Casa', a project aimed at providing resistance materials for margninalized communities suffering under gentrification, is teaming up with Grassroots Organizers from all Five Boroughs to produce a series of illuminations across New York City. more »

Somos Visibles - NYC

A campaign against the invisibilization of immigrants has just launched in New York City. The movement has been emboldened by the popular outcry against Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric. more »

Plan Merida

Public attention on US Aid to Mexico's despotic government has zeroed in on Plan Merida. At least, that is what CUNY's event today appears to indicate with prominent international and migrant voices echoing calls for the US government to discontinue the aid. more »

Chicano Youth demand Sanctuary Campuses

According to students, it was the largest protest ever at CU-with over 600 students. more »

B&H Strike and Protest During Weekend

After negotiations failed to lead towards a safe environment for unionizaion, the workers decided to strike on their own terms. more »

Time To Get Rid Of The Electoral College

Marco Vinicio calls for the American electorate to get rid of the Electoral College. Prominent voices call for popular vote. more »

Ayotzinapa Student Testimony

Ayotzinapa student who escaped forced disappearence in Iguala, Guerrero speaks out. more »

Protestors Burn Effigy of Mexican Consulate

Protest burns image of Mexican president in front of Phoenix consulate. Global outcry over Ayotzinapa case has continued to rise as inattention has turned to outright fabrication of »

Wikileaks: Denise Dresser briefs US political officials

"Dresser concluded our breakfast by lamenting that Mexico's evolution from a state based on corporatism to one based on the principle of citizenship is likely to be a long process". more »

How The LA Times Got It Wrong On #NestoraSalgado

Community organizer and activist, Pakal Hatuey, responds to LA Times coverage on Nestora Salgado, freed after more than 2 years in Mexican prison, the LA Times falsely claims community support did little to secure her release. more »

BlackRock Inc. Funding Everything You Hate

BlackRock Inc. buys stock and moves money in favor of everything you hate. The Investment Firm manages over 2.4 trillion dollars in equity and has a huge amount of influence on the global economy. The CEO for the US based company is Larry Fink. more »