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Ayotzinapa Dad Claims DEA Has More Information On Son's Whereabouts

La Cartita --- Antonio Tizapa, father of a disappeared student, claims the DEA may have more information regarding location of his disappeared son and classmates. The high profile case of 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students from rural Guerrero, Mexico, has attracted not only the attention of international human rights organizations, but also of US law enforcement due to a link between the disappearance and a Chicago/Guerrero based Mexican trafficking organization. [[See More]]

The DEA claims that the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students was discussed by a Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization operating in part out of Chicago. In real time, the leadership of the Chicago sect of Guerreros Unidos was informed about the whereabouts of busloads of individuals later identified as those disappeared Ayotzinapa students. Their disappearence is implied to be a case of mistaken identity, though, the Mexican federal government has continued to obfuscate international investigations to determine their whereabouts, which suggest a high level coverup.

Guerrero Governor Now Claims They Were Unaware of Municipal

In a curious turn of events, the then Guerrero governor, Angel Aguirre, took to twitter to complain about Federal government ineptitude. Aguirre claims the Ayotzinapa case is also a miscarriage of justice by the federal government because of their inability to provide a coherent investigation. Aguirre also claims that there was a blockout of information between his offices and those of the municipality, Iguala, in which the students were kidnapped.

The wiretapped conversations between Guerreros Unidos members in Chicago & Iguala, in his view, confirm the lack of complicity between the kidnappers and his state police officers. He also notes that State Police arrested the corrupt elements who took part in the kidnapping and alleged enforcement action against the students.

Finally, Guerrero produces more opium than any other region in Mexico, which provides the leadership of 'Guerreros Unidos', with a stable income due to American consumption patterns of opiates.

Salvadorean Woman Continues To Look For Her Disappeared Son

Mercedes Morena, Salvadoreña mother of disappeared son at May Day rally in Los Ángeles. In between loud announcements, Morena broke down how the far-right political party, ARENA, pacted with organized crime to pressure civilian opposition into accepting US imperial economics in El Salvador. Her son was disappeared by Mexican Federal police in 1991, near the US-Mexico border, but she was quick to note that the US has historically paid and pressured Mexican officials into preventing Central American refugees from transiting through the country. The US usually knows when there is an impending refugee crisis, but do you know why they know? They cause it. Through military aide programs, the US sharpened repression against domestic populations in Central America during the 1980's, providing weapons manufacturers and despots a much needed subsidy. Today it continues to tamper in Honduran/CentAm. affairs, with Trump operating the controls of political machinery built under Obama. #Hipocresia #Disappeared #ElSalvador #Mexico #Obama #Trump #Native #ImmigrationReform #CentralAmerica #MayDay

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"You Misunderstood", Sean Penn says to Mexican protestors:

La Cartita --- Sean Penn read protestor signs aloud to a laughing audience in Brooklyn, New York. The signs accused Penn of exploiting the Mexico drug war to create material for Hollywood. Antonio Tizapa, the father of Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño, a forcibly disappeared #Ayotzinapa student, was present to remind the audience that Mexico is truly suffering the consequences of the US drug war, not Sean Penn.

Border Patrol Officers Are Raping Women Held In Detention.

La Cartita --- While ACLU reports on women's abuse in Border Patrol managed gulags persist from decades past, the Intercept has published information that confirms the situation has worsened. Trump's aggresive policies have given already racist officials a legally affirmed 'carte blanche' to do anything to women, children and men detained. [See More]

Facebook Financier Backs Trump

Notimex Sucks Up To Trump; Notimex besa las botas de Trump

ETP, the corporation that owns Dakota Access Pipeline, has suffered a hack.

La Cartita --- Yesterday, a cyberattack, possibly linked to Russia or other state actors, was undertaken against Energy Transfer Partners, the owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline. So far, 4 gas pipelines have been shutdown as a result. Companies that suffer such attacks are vulnerable to their stock devaluing. Often on social media, news of these hacks are actively suppressed due to that information factoring into their valuation.

The computer network attack first appeared as a service outage at a document exchange. The exchange likely contained sensitive information relating to the customers' distribution of oil. After the attack was identified, the ETP system's operational capacity was restored only for the malicous code to jump into other networks.

While that attack was declared suppressed and repelled early Tuesday, a distinct attack appears to have shutdown Energy Transfer data warehouse and affected several other related companies in the oil pipeline industry. The attacks come after an AP report that notes White House intelligence analysts think Russia has infiltrated vast amounts of US energy infrastructure.

The Rios Montt Trial & Justice for Guatemala: Montt Dead Today.

Blackberry Sues Facebook Over Messenger Usurping BB Technology

Ayotzinapa Protests at Mexican Consulate.

EPN, current Mexican president who negotiated with Donald Trump as candidate, depicted as Death. New York City, NY (March 26, 2018)

The Danger of National Gendarmerie: Paramilitary Forces in Mexico (02/24/2013)

Santa Ana College Students Rally To Restore Mural

March 4 Our Lives Action Shuts Down NYC (Photo)

American Flees Allentown PA With 16 year old, Amy Yu, Mexican Authorities Emit Alert

Black/New Afrikan and Mexican people targeted in Austin, Texas bomb attacks - possible hate crimes.

Jared Kushner Arrives To Mexico To Meet Mexico President

After ICE raids intimidate predominantly Mexican communities, Jeff Sessions visits Sacramento

AMLO Agrees To Continue Mexico OIL privatization

UC Davis Chicano Doctoral Candidate Launches Cancer Project

Power-106, KDey, Wild LA Area Hip Hop Radio Owned By Conservatives

Litecoin recovery underway as market reels over announcements

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State police prevent reporters from recording police operative against Ayotzinapa students

Video: "Education, Not Deportation" Chanted At CSULB -- Source: Gabriela Ortiz

Tabasco Mayor From US Friendly Far Right Wing Party In Mexico Puts Hit On Reporters (1/11/2018)

Reporters were beaten by Tabasco state authorities on the orders of a local mayor.

La Cartita --- Reporters were beaten by Tabasco state authorities on the orders of a local mayor. The mayor of Nacajuca ordered members of the PAN (Partido Acción Nacional) to beat the staff of 'Novedades', a local daily in Nacajuca, Tabasco. The conflict stems from investigations and information published by the paper in relation to corruption linked to Francisco Lopez Alvarez.

Mexican Not Latino

For Security Minded Activists, A Cheap $BB Blackberry Priv Model May Help

Blackberry has rolled out cellphones running Android OS software.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico City, an Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral survey responses.

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New Oppressive Law In Mexico Allows Army To Police

Deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into narcotrafficking organizations.

Mexican Not Latino

Peter Thiel, Facebook Financier Backs Trump

Peter Thiel, who is gay according to Gawker, is one of Silicone Valley's vocal supporters for Trump's racist campaign.