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Rapper Conejo a.k.a G-Rabbs Back With A Vengeance & New Albums: Dope Fiend (6/3/2018)

Raleigh News & Observer: ‘A public health crisis’ — Each pair of these shoes represents an NC traffic death

Xinhua News: Xi arrives in Brunei for state visit

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LA WEEKLY: You'll Be Thankful You Don't Have to Cook

Law Professors Blog: From the Bookshelves: Announcing the Winner of Restless Books New Immigrant Writing Prize

As Election Looms, Clarence Birkhead Campaign Promises Transparency For Durham County Community

Durham County Sheriff candidate, Clarence Birkhead, 30 year law enforcement veteran. Photo: Indyweek.

La Cartita --- Tomorrow, May 8, voting is set to take place in a heated Sheriff primary. Clarence Birkhead, a 30 year law enforcement veteran, is challenging incumbent Sheriff Mike Andrews for the Durham County Sheriffs position. At Duke University, Birkhead served as chief of police and as deputy sherry in Randolph County. Another 5 years as chief of Hillsborough Police Department. Clarence Birkhead is promising to not submit inmate's personal immigration status to ICE amidst controversial Sheriff Mike Andrews extended collaboration with ICE intrusions into Durham County residents immigration status. [[See More]]

News From Colonized Aztlan Southwest & World

AG Weakens Sanctuary Laws By Collaborating With OC Sheriff

Chihuahua Governor Announces Intention To Manipulate Protest At Mexican Consulates; Activist Fear Infiltration (01/14/2018)

As Pretext For More US Intervention, Unlikable US Senators Allege Russian Interference in Mexican Elections

Mexican Activist Killed In String Of Attacks Against Indigenous Organizations

Ruben Ramirez Cardenaz denied a retrial after Vienna convention violations by State of Texas.

A Rising Tide of Indigenous Unity Lifts Totonaco & Maseual Regions (10/30/2017)

"So, you're a spy?" protestors try to make sense of general consul's statements on his diplomatic work. (10/26/2017)

Caravan of Independent Presidential Candidate Attacked

Mexican man freed after being found 'not guilty' for murder charge over accidental killing.

Nazis Increase Youth Outreach

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String Of Attacks Against Mexican Activists

Guadalupe Campanur Tapia, an active member of the autonomous community of Cheran, Michoacan, México, was found dead on Tuesday.

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Activists Slandered by Mexican Government

Mexican consulate slanders activists with false terror accusations.

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Deported Mexicans In Danger of Drug War Recruitment

Several NGO's are warning that deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into trafficking organizations.

Mexican Not Latino

Violence Increasing in Guerrero, Dozens Dead Over Weekend

The violence in Guerrero is steady climbing, with dozens dead during the month of March, 2017.