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NFL Insults Mexicans After 8.1 Eartquake Kills 32 people

NFL Insults Mexicans After 8.1 Eartquake Kills 32 people

La Cartita --- An 8.1 quake had as its epicenter a point offshore in the Pacific, about 100km from the state of Chiapas. Chiapas is the home of the EZLN, a peaceful and armed guerrila movement that has gained political and economic autonomy, in most practical senses of the word, from the Mexican government. Even so, the largest earthquake recorded in Mexican territory over the past 100 years caused havoc throughout the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Chiapas and the Federal District (Ciudad de México, "el DF") killing 32 people.

Shortly after the quake was acknowledged in the Mexican press, the NFL sent a tweet saying that the quake was fan furor over a controversial game:

The game's outcome was not questionable. The NFL, however, may have another problem in its hands. The displacement of local sports has remained a thorny issue with non US aligned or upper class Mexicans. Surely, the racist tweet - the NFL is known for having issues with race internally - will not do well with Mexican businesses who depend on soccer, not US football, and other potential fans. Local businesses dislike the new presence of the NFL, but others more corporately aligned enjoy the presence because their US ties depend on US dollars.

Other News: Video: "Education, Not Deportation" Chanted At CSULB -- Source: Gabriela Ortiz

"Education, Not Deportation" chanted throughout the CSULB campus in Long Beach, California. (September 5, 2017)

CSULB was the scene of a large rally in support of undocumented students and community. The rally was marked by the chant of "Education, Not Deportation" and numbered in the hundreds despite the impromptu nature. Students and faculty were convened shortly after the formal announcement of DACA being rescinded by the Donald J. Trump administration. The rally was organzied by La Raza Student Association at California State University - Long Beach. You can learn more about them here: La Raza Student Association

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String Of Attacks Against Mexican Activists

Guadalupe Campanur Tapia, an active member of the autonomous community of Cheran, Michoacan, México, was found dead on Tuesday.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico City, a new Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral surveys that drives Mexico's upcoming presidential election.

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Deported Mexicans In Danger of Drug War Recruitment

Deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into narcotrafficking organizations.

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Violence Increasing in Guerrero, Dozens Dead Over Weekend

The violence in Guerrero is steady climbing, with dozens dead during the month of March, 2017.