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La Cartita (Cali) --- Jeff Sessions set to visit Los Ángeles, California:

Photo: AG Jeff Sessions via Business Insider

La Cartita -- Sessions will be at the California Club, a members only event for white Republicans. He will be at the Milennium Biltmore in the afternoon. Jeff Sessions visit to Los Ángeles, California triggers protests in the LA downtown area. AG Jeff Sessions, a prominent supporter of Trump's electoral campaign, was rewarded with the highest law enforcement office in the country. In a nod to his benefactor, Sessions has undertaken a staunchly racist anti-Mexican campaign and has visited California numerous times to make the point.

In California, Racist White Lady Goes on Anti-Mexican Rant: Video

For weeks, numerous actions and protests have taken place around the country against Trump's seperation policy. Portland, New York and now Los Angeles, have seen major skirmishes with federal officials over Trump's Zero Policy laws.

Organizers of the protest denounced racist immigration policy. Sessions was the first to announce Trump's policy of family seperation in April. An added penalty of 'criminal prosecution' to what was once an innocous administrative crime was added for all people arriving to the US without US government permission. This encompasses the Zero-Tolerance policy or 'solution' regarding changing demographics.

While Trump's executive order halted new detentions, 2000 children remain held in cages still as their parents fight federal charges. Jorge Mario Cabrera, spokersperson from CHIRLA declared that: "Without any precedent, this attorney general has taken it on himself to criminalize what was formerly seen as a misdemeanor that did not warrant federal charges".

#whatwethinkisnews: The man, Esteban Guzman, posted this video to Twitter early today, Monday, June 25. Guzman and his mother were doing yard work when they were approached by a still unidentified white woman. During her anti-#Mexican rant, the woman flashes a middle finger, alleging Mexicans are only “Rapists. Animals. Drug Dealers” after the man questions her motives for hating Mexicans. #RunningSprings #losangeles

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Dr. Rodolfo Ondarza: Is Fascism Rising In Prominence During Mexico's Presidential Elections? (5.30.2018/Spanish)

Nazi tendencies exist within Mexico's far right. Pictured is a satirical image of PAN's (Partido Accion Nacional) logo.

Ayotzinapa Dad Claims DEA Has More Information On Son's Whereabouts (5/4/2018)

La Cartita --- Antonio Tizapa, father of a disappeared student, claims the DEA may have more information regarding location of his disappeared son and classmates. The high profile case of 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students from rural Guerrero, Mexico, has attracted not only the attention of international human rights organizations, but also of US law enforcement due to a link between the disappearance and a Chicago/Guerrero based Mexican trafficking organization. [[See More]]

Mexican Not Latino

For Security Minded Activists, A Cheap $BB Blackberry Priv Model May Help

Blackberry has rolled out cellphones running Android OS software.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico City, an Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral survey responses.

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New Oppressive Law In Mexico Allows Army To Police

Deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into narcotrafficking organizations.

Mexican Not Latino

Peter Thiel, Facebook Financier Backs Trump

Peter Thiel, who is gay according to Gawker, is one of Silicone Valley's vocal supporters for Trump's racist campaign.