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Justice For Luz: How And Why Did Jeanette Maria Get Away From The Scene? (July 8, 2018)

La Cartita --- Many people can relate to the idea of having pride in their relatives coveted or notorious professions. So much so, that some indivuals may take up the habits of said relatives. Crucial tips that define sucess during key moments within those professions are often distilled and passed on to their families. Perhaps, Jeanette Maria sensed a potential life-defining emergency that may be prejudicial to her well being and status, and so, chose to drive away from the crime scene, definitively and quickly, just like her brother, the NYPD Sergeant, told her to should such a moment arrive.

VIDEO: Brooklyn community still outraged over reckless hit and run.

Residents of Wyckoff still talk about the incident. At the time of this writing (July 8, 2018), bicyclists, mothers, fathers and other individuals in the surrounding area, recall bits and pieces about the tragic murder of Luz Gonzalez.

A block away, a cluster of restaurants, bodegas and apartments all store video of area surrounding the tragic day Luz passed away. Particularly, the video footage that may or may not show where exactly contact occurred between Police & Jeanette Maria. Why would they say so dismissively

The Official Version Of Events; NY1 & CBS Give NYPD Their Platform, Villify The Lot Owner, But Not The Driver!

New York 1, a news provider hosted by the Spectrum cable company, essentially retiterated the New York Police Department's version of events. We link out to their page here. Most outlets opted to show that, in fact, the lot owner's lax building code adherence was to blame. However,

Was Jeanette Maria speeding near the usual speed trap? If so, did she run a stop sign on the other side of the block?

Questions remain: how did Jeanette Maria not realize, even after the fact, that she ran over two people?

A series of questions remain unanswered. These could prove definitive in parsing out how much responsibility is held by the officers involved. Jeanette Maria's hit-and-run proved sucessful due the cooperation from the NYPD. The most pressing question is 'why would the driver, Jeanette Maria, drive in excess sufficient to prompt an NYPD officer to stop her?'.

How did she not see the child if she was driving forward, not backing out of the lot. Did she not feel and hear the screams as she drove away. If 'no', then why did she speed off the laundromat's parking lot at a sufficiently high rate of speed for an NYPD police unit to pull her over?

In other words, did Jeanette Maria know what she did and resort to that insider knowledge a good NYPD relative would receive from an officer? You know, 'drive away as fast as possible from the scene of the crime'. The old 'lie, cry and deny' that some East Coast detectives often regard as the female perpretators successful MO for evading justice.

Another NY Daily News story sure looks like damage control, referencing her supposedly tortured tears. That press offensive arose only after coverage began referencing threats of calling ICE on Luz Gonzalez' mom.

In no particular order, we feel as if answering these questions, clearly and unequivocally, could give us some idea about criminal liability for Jeanette Maria:

  • Was Jeanette Maria speeding near the usual NYPD speed trap?
  • If she was speeding, did she run the stop sign on the Irving & Hart, as she was driving fast down a one way, south from Wyckoff and Hart?
  • If yes, then why did the police officer let her go so quickly?
  • Finally, 'Why would an NYPD squad car - tasked with making verfiable stops for ticketing purposes - stop her in the first place?' Were they aware of the commotion in the laundromat? After all, as a store owner noted: it is a laundromat, and word spread quickly up and around the avenue.

  • If the NYPD was unaware, then how long did the police stop Jeanette Maria?
  • Some witnesses note that it must have been for a long enough time so that people could gather in an area midblock, much before the supposed second block mark (Hart & Knickerbocker) and wonder aloud where the driver went, while the police were still present, according to some witnesses.

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