Canelo Outclasses GGG In 3rd Match Of Their Five Year Rivalry

by Ricardo Lezama

Canelo fought Triple G for the third and final time on 9/17/22

Mexican boxer, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (32), fought Gennady Golovkin at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for the third and final time. The match took place at 168 pound division where Canelo reigns supreme as the undisputed champion in the division.

Unlike their first fight in 2017, this time Triple G was required to move up a single weight division which can make a significant impact on a boxer’s speed and potential endurance.

The Trilogy

The future hall of famers gave fans the much awaited fight, but Saul “Canelo” Alvarez ran away with the bout’s victory decisively.

The PPV was available for 62 dollars for subscribers of DAZN.

Heavy shots were thrown by Canelo, but Triple G was mostly mute for the first 6 rounds of the fight as Canelo fought Gennady in the same manner as he did Callum Smith. I gave him 3 rounds to be honest.

Canelo continued to pummel the body in order to soften Golovkin and guarantee that ay offensive onslaught from GGG would be dampened.

In this third bout, Gennady fought ‘tentative’ as the announcers described with his offensive capacities not set into motion until later in the fight. Most fight fans saw it the same:

Here’s a few examples on Twitter

The opinions were the same for boxing experts. A nearly total wipeout for Canelo in Dan Rafael’s view:

Vergil Ortiz Jr with his take…

Canelo looks to be taking an extended break as his left hand appears to have been torn through overtraining and multiple bouts with world champions. The fighter looked much better at this weight category with his conditioning not in question as it was in his last bout which took place in the 175lb category.

Alexis Rocha Fight: Rocha Targets ‘Blair The Flair’ To Breakthrough

Following the unexpected hospitalization of Vergil Ortiz Jr., a new headline event is set for this Saturday, March 19, 2022 to replace his bout with undefeated UK welterweight Michael McKinson. The co-main event is now the headliner: Blair Cobbs vs Alexis Rocha is set to be a fan-friendly replacement.

Alexis ‘Lex’ Rocha, a promising welterweight contender, from Santa Ana, California, is a technically sound southpaw who has sparred with the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Josh Taylor. Over the past few fights, one can tell that the intricacies of sparring with greats has developed Rocha as a fighter. This leads most fans to favor Rocha against Cobbs’ wild, but dangerous, style, as a poll from Boxing enthusiast @SpicyMami_ shows:

Blair Cobbs is no slouch. Cobbs is trained by the great Freddy Roach and has serious knockout power. However, Cobbs and Rocha share opponents with both receiving victories over them. Cobbs – to his credit – was able to knockout a difficult Brad Solomon whose styling gave Rocha’s more aggressive counter-punching style problems.

Still, given Rocha’s constant activity, we do feel that at some level the momentum is on the side of the comparatively younger fighter. He’s a tough contender that may be underestimated. Rumors abound that this fight has been brewing since November. Rocha alleged that the fight was rejected by the Blair Cobbs camp.

Rocha is a rising prospect whose sole defeat is to a fleet footed boxer stylist in a competitive fight. Since his loss to Rasheed ‘Speedy’ Ellis, Rocha has pushed forward and grabbed some intense knockouts against other top level contenders. A rematch with Ellis should Rocha get past Cobbs is also an interesting fight.

Stylistic Match-Up

Cobbs throws wild shots at times. He has been dropped in the past. His power is obvious. Cobbs is also quite the talker as can be seen on the video interview from Golden Boy’s promotional materials.

Blair Cobbs interview via Golden Boy

For his part, Rocha is regarded as technically sound. The high-guard defense means that he will not be caught by basic combinations. His only weakness is with boxers that have a lot of lateral movement. Cobbs presents none of this boxing styling. Perhaps, he could get caught with something wild, but then his conditioning is second to none.

Promotional Material: March 19, 2022 – Rocha vs Cobbs

Mexican News Update: Canelo, Natural Language Processing And More!

In this update, we note the content that is most relevant for the Chicano community. Mexicans should rejoice at Canelos most recent victory. Check out our related websites to see what is up in our Chicano world.

Colloquial Lyrics & News Documents For Mexican Spanish: This content is tailored for practitioners of NLP.

Por indiferencia del gobierno, madres de desaparecidos en Sonora piden ayuda al ‘Canelo’ Álvarez


13 de mayo de 2021

Madres de desaparecidos en Sonora piden ayuda al "Canelo" Álvarez - El Sol  de la Laguna | Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Coahuila y el  Mundo

Las madres de desaparecidos pidieron al boxeador mexicano ayuda para comprar un vehículo desde donde puedan realizar la búsqueda de personas

Debido a que las autoridades de Sonora no les hacen caso, el colectivo Rastreadoras de Ciudad Obregón lanzó un vídeo dedicado al boxeador Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez en el que le piden su ayuda para continuar con su labor.

Hace unos días, a través de su cuenta de Facebook, el colectivo publicó un video para pedirle al pugilista la donación de un vehículo que tenga la capacidad para trasladar a 12 personas.

“Me inspiras confianza y sé que eres de gran corazón, quiero que nos ayudes con un vehículo, no te pido lujos ni grandes cosas, lo que sea, pero algo en donde podamos movernos para nuestras búsquedas. Te lo pido con el corazón en la mano, quiero que nos ayudes porque nosotros no tenemos la manera… Tenemos muchas necesidades, pero no tenemos el apoyo del gobierno ni de ninguna otra institución”, precisa el video. 

Nora Alejandra Lira Muñoz, líder y fundadora del grupo de búsqueda que grabó el video, mencionó en entrevista con El Sol de Hermosillo que tenía la intención de hacer la petición a alguna figura pública, sin embargo no había determinado bien a quién, y al final se decidieron por Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez.

La madre de Fernanda, joven desaparecida hace dos años y hallada en una fosa clandestina en octubre del año pasado, dijo que la petición es sin ánimo de lucros, pues las mujeres al verse desprotegidas por parte de las autoridades, y al no tener un apoyo constante de la ciudadanía, recurren a este tipo de peticiones.

Cabe destacar que las mujeres de los colectivos ponen, en la mayor parte de las veces, sus medios para poder ir a atender reportes de búsquedas o bien financiar los rastreos en diversos puntos de Cajeme.

“Por ejemplo, ahorita recibí un llamado anónimo y estoy viendo quién puede ir a darme raite para poder ir a realizar la búsqueda; estamos cansadas de tener que depender de la gente para hacer nuestro trabajo”, mencionó preocupada.

Hasta ahora, el vídeo para el ‘Canelo’ Álvarez ha alcanzado las 32 mil reproducciones

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Publimetro. (2021). Por indiferencia del gobierno, madres de desaparecidos en Sonora piden ayuda al ‘Canelo’ Álvarez. Publimetro. Recuperado el 14 de mayo de 2021, de

Boxing’s Pound-For-Pound Best, Canelo Alvarez, Wins By TKO Against Billy Joe Saunders

The number one boxer in the world: @Canelo with boxing clinic on how to defeat slick southpaws: you break them.

Canelo Alvarez upon noticing TKO, waves crowd into fight as he felt Billy Joe Saunders’ face crumble at end of glove.

Boxing’s Pound For Pound number one fighter is still Saul “Canelo” Alvarez whose decisive defeat of Billy Joe Saunders permits him to unify the WBO, WBA and WBC Super Middleweight Belts. The match was heralded as Canelo’s toughest challenge since his 2018 bouts with Gennady Golovkin (Triple-G), but ended in a remarkable stoppage for the Mexican boxer from Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Billy Joe Saunders attempted to make this fight more competitive. Initially, he was able to land shots against Canelo, peppering the face of Canelo and seemingly frustrating Canelo for rounds 2, 6 and 7. However, the ability to get comfortable inside may have been a ploy for Canelo to land that one shot at the head.

Canelo was consistingly connecting with power shots, discarding the jab unless for feinting purposes. The task of slowing Saunders was made easier over the fights progression. Every round had a significant body shot land on Saunders. This slowed him down, possibly enticing him to try his hand at shorter distances with some slick body movement, ducking underneath Canelo’s shots. The mistake he made was to duck repeatedly to the right; this is where he was timed with a brutal uppercut haymaker type shot for the ages:

Peak Canelo: vicious uppercut directly to Billy Joe’s Orbital Bone.

Mark Tibbs discussed his decision to stop fight after Billy Joe Saunders suffered an eye socket fracture. In a post-fight interview wit Seconds Out, Tibbs noted that at the end of the 8th round, Saunders’ body language was not leading him to believe he could continue the fight. Ultimately, the trainer discussed that it was his decision – not Saunders’ – to stop the fight.
Mark Tibs on pulling Saunders out after 8th round (Seconds Out)

Curiously, the father of Billy Joe Saunders was also beaten by security when he tried to rush the stage upon noticing his son was suffering an injury.

Canelo breaks Saunders face, according to Todd Grisham, DAZN broadcaster (Source: Little Giant Boxing)

Boxing Experts React

The great Julio Cesar Chaves Sr affirmed once more that Canelo is in his prime. In a message to boxing star via “Little Giant Boxing”, the Mexican legend congratulated Canelo for breaking the biggest US indoor boxing crowd as well as wishing Billy Joe a speedy recovery.

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. On Canelo’s Status

ESPN Deportes, Chava Rodriguez, was also very insightful regarding the aptitude Canelo displayed. He noted that Canelo was able to negate the pressure from Saunders and adapt his strategy. He only scored 2 rounds in favor of Saunders.

During the fight week, unfortunately, Rodriguez was verbally insulted by the Saunders entourage. In a strange way, Canelo was able to impart cosmic justice to rectify the insults from Billy Joe Saunders. Objectively, Rodriguez was able to credit Saunders with his ability to go toe-to-toe against Canelo at times, landing one-two combinations. However, the timing of some of Canelo’s counter-shots was enough to negate Saunders’ gameplan.

Chava Rodriguez on Canelo victory (Source: Boxing)

We are witnessing Mexican royalty truly emerge from within boxing’s ranks, with advertisements, businesses and other entities now deeply tied to the Mexican fighter. He’s like a rockstar that can fight. This comes with a lot of apprehension from some envious ranks, some motivated by business interests, but also cultural differences between many of the sport participants wanting US/American stars whose birthline is not Mexican.

Andrade Incident

Canelo was also assailed by Demetrius Andrade, a middleweight titlist whose been clamoring for a fight with Canelo for years. Andrade crashed the press conference demanding a fight, but Canelo rebuffed the fighter after being irritated with the questioning.

The event was fairly comical. At times, Eddy Reynoso would even coach Canelo responses towards Andrade’s team.

Eddy Reynoso: “dile que lo vamos a sacar del hotel…”/ (tell him will get him out of the hotel”.

Canelo: “you’re a horrible fighter. Horrible fighter.”.. “You want that payday. I know. Payday. Payday.”

Post-Fight drama due to Boo Boo Andrade crashing press conference. (Source: Fino Boxing)