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Our coverage and unique point of view covers Mexican issues both outside and inside of Mexico’s recognized and sovereign territory. The bulk of our content presents information concerning active human rights campaigns, events or notable news, linked to the actions of state and non-state actors.

However, on a daily basis we also publish content of a more mundane nature: Mexico’s fluctuating and artificially manipulated currency is of great concern to us all. As such, on a daily basis, we publish a value comparison between Mexico and other large countries with comparable or relevant economies. Please follow our twitter account at @LaCartita. Below is an incomplete list of contributors whose varying degrees of contributions and commitment to this website should not be construed as licensing of all points of view found on the website. Thank you.

Meet the Team

Bernardo Torres


Bernardo Torres, correspondent on Guerrero affairs (Guerrero, Mexico)

Gabriela Ortiz


Xochitl Yaotl


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You can reach out to us at editor@lacartita.com