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Terrorist Serial Bomber On Loose: Hate Crime Against Black/Mexican Community In Austin, Texas (3/14/2018)

FBI posted at location of explosion. Austin, Texas, Photo: AP.

La Cartita --- Two homes have received bombs with motion sensors in Austin, Texas; both homes are owned by Black/New Afrikan individuals. Among the dead, Draylen Mason, a 17 year old black/new Afrikan teen and 38 year old, Anthony House. The incidents took place on March 2 and March 13. Shrapnel, motion sensors and a safety switch that allowed the serial bomber to move bombs between multiple locations have been discovered at the scene of the possible hate crimes. In a seperate incident also on March 13, An elderly Mexican woman was injured by a similar explosive, but remains in critical condition.

There is a reward from the Austin Police department for information leading to the arrest of the serial bomber. Two of three households attacked knew each other, according to the AP. Draylen Mason, one of the individuals killed was connected via his grandfather social network to Anthony House, who was also murdered with a motion sensing explosive.

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