California -Covid-19 Map

With data specified to the county level from La Cartita, California based company, SugarBearAI, is now working exclusively on the state of California to raise awareness on the geography of the Covid-19 death count.

This data is actually sourced from various public health websites. It promises less, but is more accurate than the LA Times, who currently undercounts Riverside County deaths. This is not a critique, but a sign of how difficult the task is to maintain constantly moving information. Additionally, it is far better than Google since the organization focuses on California only. Both organizations are only a day or two behind the more accurate death counts.

The data is sourced by hand, then processed through the usual software for mapping county and number associations.

This task is ‘gruesome, uncomfortable and unpleasant but now very necessary’ says staff, but the map is available and will be enriched with additional data for the counties of Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles.

See Full Map – Watch Out, Cali!

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