Daily Caller, Tennessee Star, and Liberty Headlines Sock Puppets for US Government

In tandem, various second rate outlets that nonetheless enjoy quite the high amount of traction online report and repeat the same party line from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. While ICE is a federal agency that is not supposed to engage in political acts, the organization has taken quite a public stance on sanctuary cities particularly in places where the organization itself is not well liked.

Aside from making Mexicans look dangerous, many of the articles place attention on the new ICE Chief, Matt Albance, who was handpicked for ascencion likely by Stephen Miller, as the hard line aide begins to have even more influence on the Mexican border and places with sanctuary laws forbidding cooperation with immigration authorities.

The recent shift in directors likely motivates this press blitz. The Trump administration may be making an intense effort to rally right-wing outlets around singular individuals in their immigration efforts even amidst the recent corona virus crisis.

Media Blitz

Large and small online portals have become the de facto spokespersons for ICE’s conservative agenda, publishing simultaneously the almost unaltered press releases the agency issues whenever a locality actually serves its local constituents, not ideologues in editorials or ICE chiefs with a salary incentive for bogus enforcement efforts.

Always Innuendo Over People

These headlines are typically about highlighting some terrible crime that is given the spotlight by conservative outlets to prove a political point. Never is a broader perspective shown, like one that would indicate how much lower crime rates are for ‘immigrant’ (often original peoples of American) communities.

Last week, the same headline was published in the Tennessee Star & the Daily Caller as the nation wishes that the federal government was more concerned with true safety issues, like the Covid19 pandemic and broader issues involving public health and structure of the economy.

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