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A second Maya child has died in U.S Customs and Border Protection custody.

La Cartita --- 8-year old boy from Guatemala, Felipe Gomez Alonzo, died on Christmas Eve at a New Mexico hospital after suffering vomiting, coughing, and a fever. Another Maya child, 7-year-old Jakelin Caal, died in U.S. custody on December 8. Two Maya children have died in the same month under U.S Customs and Border Protection custody.

Felipe’s mother, 31-year-old Catarina Alonzo Perez, said she spoke with her son the day before they arrived at the U.S. border.

“He wasn’t sick on the way; he wasn’t sick here,” she said through her stepdaughter in the Maya language known as Chuj.

Officially at the moment the cause of death is still unknown but while being evaluated at the hospital he was taken to he was found to have a fever of 103F(39.4C) and was later released with a prescription for an antibiotic amoxicillin and ibuprofen. As the father and son were taken to a checkpoint on Highway 70 the boy vomited two hours later.

The child while being transported back to the hospital vomited and lost consciousness. Doctors were unable to revive him.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has blamed 'open border' supporters for the death migrant children.

“Our system has been pushed to a breaking point by those who seek open borders,” Nielsen said. “Smugglers, traffickers, and their own parents put these minors at risk by embarking on the dangerous and arduous journey north.”

An excerpt from the official statement of Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen posted on the DHS website on December 26th stated the following:

"This changing dynamic is the direct result of obvious draw factors: an immigration system that rewards parents for sending their children across the border alone, a system that prevents parents who bring their children on a dangerous and illegal journey from facing consequences for their actions, an asylum process that is not able to quickly help those who qualify for asylum, a system that encourages fraudulent claims, and a system that encourages bad actors to coach aliens into making frivolous claims. The bottom line is that 9 out 10 asylum claims are rejected by a federal immigration judge."

Yet these claims ignore that the U.S government has destabilized Central America with covert actions committed by the CIA. Decades of CIA death squads, economic warfare, coups, and support for authoritarian rule played a central role in the exodus of refugees from Central America; US foreign policy in Central America has fueled this migrant crisis.

The U.S government through the CIA overthrew democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 Guatemala. The CIA operation Code-named Operation PBSUCCESS installed the military dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas. This coup lead to a 36 year civil war. The brutality of the established and US backed dictatorship in Guatemala committed genocide of the Maya peoples.

To derail legal proceedings, CBP maintains father of deceased 8 year old, Felipe Gomez Alonzo, under detention

La Cartita (12/26/2018) --- In an effort to derail and control legal proceedings, Border Patrol has maintained the father of Felipe Gomez Alonzo under detention. Unlike the last instance of a 8 year old child's death under their custody, the Customs and Border Protection agency has retained control of the parent to make it difficult for him to communicate with his legal attorneys. The father could potentially sue for wrongful death and, like many others, has an independent case justifying asylum, after fleeing Guatamala's skyrocketing murder rate.

A second child dies in US custody; this time an 8 year old boy dies under Border Patrol detention:

La Cartita --- While in US Custody, an 8 year old child has died of a fever. Apparently, yesterday, December 24, 2018, the child and his father first showed signs of illness on the 24th, but the child died shortly after being transferred into a New Mexico hospital. According to a press release from the DHS, the child exhibited signs of nausea and fever, which quickly worsened until his death. An open question is whether the child was held until the last possible minute or whether agents transferred them out of prudence. He was only transferred into the better equipped New Mexico hospital a few hours before his tragic death. Presumably, clear signs of their illness were clear before then.

CBP Agent; Border Patrol has 2nd Child Die Under Custody

Current Puebla Governor, Martha Ericka Alonzo, and husband, former-Puebla Governor, Rafael Moreno Valle, Killed In Helicopter Crash

Moreno Valle killed in Helicopter Crash.

Another Maya child Dead Under U.S Customs and Border Protection Custody.

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Conejo's Homecoming Show In Los Angeles:

Border Patrol Told A Congressional Delegation It Can't Meet With Agents Who Detained A 7-Year-Old

The Desperation Of Our Fellow Native People: #us #mexico #border

Honduran refugees are fleeing violence caused by a US imposed dictatorship. Photo: NZ Radio

La Cartita --- A seven-year-old girl who crossed the US-Mexico border with her father last week died after being taken into the custody of the US border patrol, federal immigration authorities have said.

Trump administration Declares Nicaraguan Democracy Threat To US In Executive Order 13851

Lonnie Swartz Gets Away With Murder: Border Patrol Agent Who Shot Unarmed Teen Accross US-MEX Border Found Not Guilty

La Cartita --- Swartz unholstered his weapon allegedly frustrated by rock throwers. He arbitrarily selected a 16 year old boy in the vicinity and discharged his weapon over a dozen times. He even shot the boy as he lay on the ground. All because of some rocks.

A Riverside Judge is attempting to deny juveniles inmates lawyer visits.

The order has already drawn fire from constitutional lawyers who say this denies clients the right to due process. The Southern California ACLU has factored into the public debate, relaying comments to the LA Times.

Riverside Judge seeks to deny due process for juvenile inmates.

Donald Trump set to have access to all US phone numbers for mass texts. Photo from NY POST.

Veneno: Trap Mexicano

Like a complex rock album, Veneno's tracks take more than a few listens to fully appreciate, but after a few workouts - personally, this is my gym music - 'Dale Gas' and 'Fuego 420' stand out as theme music for the roughest part of your day. Even so, we note some highlights that will jump out immediately. "

Veneno: Fuego-420 off of 'Trap Mexicano' (2018)

El Indio Botanas Y Cervezas, el local anti-gentrificacion de la ciudad más mexicana fuera de México: Santa Ana, California.

El Indio Botanas Y Cervezas, Santa Ana, California.

Santa Ana, California, permanece una de las ciudades más mexicanas del país, de California, y del mundo fuera del propio país de México.

Aun después de números conflictos de interés que lo han llevado a enfrentar numerosas demandas, Miguel Pulido sigue impulsando la gentrificación de Santa Ana, California.

Dicha ciudad sufrió una de las mas brutales campañas de anglización y gentrificación en el sur de California ya que la población aun siendo autosuficiente, mexicana y con un saldo gigantesco de cultura, se vio atacada por su propio gobierno municipal.

Un plan de Stephen Miller tiene en la mira a residentes legales de Estados Unidos.

Miller: feo, joven y enojado.

In 2018, Mexico Reached National Record Homicide Rate; President Elect Proposes New Approach

AMLO begins peace talk forum in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, a border state that neighbours Texas.

AMLO begins peace talk forums in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, a border state that neighbours Texas.

Even With Video Of Attempted Assassination of Venezuelan Leader, US Media Denies Venezuelan Government's Account

Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan president, was recently targeted in an unsuccessful drone assassination attempt.

La Cartita --- The old adage of 'lie, cry and deny' has risen to high prominence once again in the aftermath of the failed assassination attempt against Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro. Many in the US media have refused to acknowledge basic details about the assassination plot.

Mexicans Shut Down UPS Facility Construction Site After Racist Boss Fires Co-Workers

La Cartita --- On July 29, over a hundred Mexicans at an Indianapolis construction site walked out of the facility due to an arbitrary firing. The event of their walkout - the largest on film of many likely happening at sites throughout the United States - was filmed by a black man, Antoine Dangerfield, who provided commentary explaining the situation that set the tone for the few news outlets that covered the walk-out. Dangerfield was fired for filming the event.

Bad For Women, Good For CBS: Leslie Moonves Embroiled In Sex Harassment Scandal. (7/30/2018)

Leslie Moonves in Sexual Harassment Suit; Board Decides To Maintain Position For Now (Photo: NYT)

Una recaudación de fondos por parte de la comunidad mexicana y aliada en Nueva York genera 1100 dólares para la familia de Luz Gonzalez directamente.

VIDEO: por muerte de Luz Gonzalez familiares marchan, recaudación de fondos y denuncias en Nueva York. Mexico's new president is set to impose austerity on high ranking government officials by placing a cap on his own presidential salary.

Mexico's new president is set to impose austerity on high ranking government officials by placing a cap on his own presidential salary.

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Alianza de PRI y PAN para mantener y obstucalizar al partido de MORENA.

Judge Halts US Deportations

Judge Dana M. Sabraw is requiring an update on family reunification; News in Spanish: halting deportations.

White House Tries To Save Face

Putin poised as Trump makes baffoon of himself during press meet at Helsinki, Finland where a meeting was held between Russian and American president.

The White House deploys diplomats to Mexico. Tries to play nice with popular Mexican president to save face.

As the Mexican president elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, sets the trends for Mexico's domestic development, he cancels Sikorsky helicopter purchase. In response, the White House deploys diplomats to Mexico. Tries to play nice with popular Mexican president to save face.

placeholder image Solar Sector Fires Shot At Wall Street

Current Mexican president expresses concern over assault of 92 year old Mexican man in California.

Rodolfo Rodriguez 92 years old assaulted by Laquisha Jones whose booking number may be 5362987, and possibly held in CENTURY REGIONAL DETENTION FACILITY, Lynwood, CA.

She may have participated alongside several other individuals, according to first hand testimonials of the assault on Sr. Rodriguez.

AMLO Cancels US Helicopter Purchases; Plans To Direct To Social Spending

US Republican Congressman accused of ignoring sexual molestation of college wrestlers while a coach at Ohio State University.

La Cartita -- - Mexico’s president: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has promised to root out corruption, while pushing government to make investments in social spending.

Chicago Protests Over Gun Control To Shut Down Dan Ryan Expressway On Weekend

Anger Rises In Brooklyn Over Luz Gonzalez Murder; Se prende la mecha en Brooklyn por el caso de Luz Gonzalez

Iconic Azteca Stadium, Mexico's Next Likely President Greets Crowd of Supporters In Celebration

Jeff Sessions Visit To Los Ángeles, California Triggers Protests:

Photo: AG Jeff Sessions via Business Insider

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AMLO - Most Popular President In Continent

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is set to begin presidency.

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AMLO Cancels US Helicopter Purchases

Purchases of the Lockheed Martin MH-60 helicopter are set to be canceled by new popular Mexican president.

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Drono aterriza en propiedad de jefe de seguridad estatal en Baja California.

Un drono con grenadas aterrizo en la propiedad de Gerardo Manuel Sosa Olachea, el jefe de seguridad en Baja California.

Mexican Not Latino

Conejo a.k.a G-Rabs Back With A New Album: Dope Fiend

Rapper releases a string of new albums for global community that bumps cerebral gangster music.