Denise Dresser has a lot to answer for now.

La Cartita — Denise Dresser was a close aide for the Calderon administration. She handled diplomatic ties with the US as a dual US-Mexico citizen. As such, she testified to plead for more defense aide while Calderon’s security chief negotiated and plotted with the Sinaloa Cartel.

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Is Bloomberg Best For CIR?

While the superficial argument against Michael Bloomberg centers on his massive wealth, Democrats may be wise to ask themselves if he is the best candidate for achieving what was neglected under the Obama administration: Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).

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Oklahoma Woman Robs Buses in Mexico

Puebla municipal authorities distributed the information via their twitter handle. The case involved federal police as well, likely due to the overlap in authorities because the robbery involved federally subsidized transport.

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Conservatives run Los Angeles Hip-Hop Stations

Power 106 owned and operated by right-wing Cubans and non-Mexicans.

La Cartita — Otto Padron, a former US Army officer with deep ties to counter insurgency and state terror units, is the COO of Meruelo Media, the parent company of Power 106 in Los Angeles, California. For years, Padron was traveling to countries like Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jordan, destabilizing governments in the name of US conservatism.

Televisa Connection.

Most Mexicans dismiss the news section of Televisa.

The journaists associated with Televisa are actively censored or willingly promoting the current oppressive Mexican government’s privatization agenda. The Cuban born, Otto Padron, is married to Televisa actress Angelica Vale. Univision & Televisa engage in distinct business ventures, like syndicating telenovelas, and occasional shots of investment funds are sent from the much more powerful Televisa to Univision.

Power 106 is managed by conservative non-California personnel.

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