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As Mexico Presidential Candidate, Marichuy Martinez, Makes First Phone Call To Mexicans In US (10/13/2017; 20:42)

Antonio Tizapa thanks London based human rights advocates. Singles out Corbyn (October 21, 2017) Video: La Cartita

Mexico Government Interferes Against Indigenous Candidate; Shuts Down Internet, Phone & Radio (10/18/2017)

Ayotzinapa Legal Team, Parents & Tonatierra Speak At Tucson on Mexico Human Rights

As Mexico Presidential Candidate, Marichuy Martinez, Makes First Phone Call To Mexicans In US (10/13/2017; 20:42)

Today, Marichuy Martinez, Mexico's first indigenous & woman candidate, called Mexicans on this side of the border between Mexico & the United States. Mexicans in New York have been activating their network to oppose far-right candidates from the PRI and the PAN, which some guess could be Jose Antonio Meade, the current budget secretary in Mexico. Instead, many will back Martinez, whose indigenous roots & bottom-up base of support are on full display. Her candidacy will not receive government funds, like that of all other candidates, but rely exclusively on donations & volunteership from indigenous Mexicans.

Los Angeles Sherrifs Comply With ICE Requests For Information On Immigrants (10/11/2017; 01:21 pm )

The LA Times has reported that an internal audit of the LA Sherrif's Department disclosed links between Sherrifs officers and ICE. The Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has received detailed reports on the migrant status of people detained and coordinated their holds while in detention.

Ayotzinapa Team & Tonatierra Visits Mexican-American Studies Department in Arizona (Saturday, 14:58, 10/7/2017)

Mexican/Chicano human rights defenders & journalists will meet tonight, Saturday October 7, 2017, at the Modern Languages building of the University of Arizona - Tucson campus. Tupak Enrique Acosta & Evie Reyes-Aguirre of Tonatierra, an indigenous human rights organizations based in Phoenix, Mario Cesar Gonzales Contreras, a parent of one the disappeared Ayotzinapa students and their lawyer, Vidulfo Rosales Sierra (attorney for Centro de Derechos Humanos de la Montana TLACHINOLLAN) will make statements regarding current events. Also present will be Mexican journalist, Anabel Hernandez, Carlos Beristain, and Margo Cowan. There will be bilingual interpretation at this event.

AMLO Chances Boosted By Margarita Zavala Going Independent; Mari-Chuy Candidacy Going Strong (10/6/2017)

Mexico Presidential Race Gears Up To Leave Far Right Behind In 2018

MariChuy, Mexico's only indigenous candidate, is organizing globally. Mexico's candidates are beginning to enter race at full speed. Zavala breaks from PAN. Bronco enters race Saturday.

Mexico foreign minister Reports to DC speaks with General Kelly and Jared Kushner.

Barcelona: Spanish forces strong arm Catalan people during referendum vote (10/1/2017)

Barcelona: Spanish forces strong arm Catalan people during referendum vote. (10/1/2017) Source: Twitter

State Government of Morelos Fails To Protect Earthquake Volunteers Against Criminals

In Las Vegas, shooting victims run away from area targeted by rifle fire. All available ER personnel called in after more than 200 wounded. Foto: La Jornada

After earthquake, Popocatépetl volcano shows signs of activity.

Early morning (3:42 am) Wednesday, the Popocatépetl volcano, located 44 miles outside of Mexico City, began to register activity with the federal district's seismographic authority. The warning was raised to Yellow (medium) for potential for danger. Ash has touched ground in the state of Puebla.

Recovery Efforts Begin Immediately After 7.1. Quake Rocks Mexico City, Puebla.

La Cartita -- In Mexico City, relief efforts between the entire Mexican community - sometimes even awkwardly involving the very same victims of state repression and the state military - have led to a rapid response in order to minimize the loss of life. A devastating earthquake has led to more than 207 people being killed by the quake.

Semillas Fundraises Thousands For Mexico Earthquake Victims

Three Years Later: Ayotzinapa A Referent For Mexico's Political Struggles

US State Department warns US citizens to avoid peaceful Ayotzinapa solidarity protets in Madrid. In Iguala, the scene of their disappearance, the parents of the 43 will hold a rally. In New York City, the father of one of the 43 students holds a vigil in front of the Mexican consulate.

State police prevent reporters from recording police operative against Ayotzinapa students

The state police also deployed heavily armed elements over the same Tixtla-Chilpancingo federal toll road to prevent the escape of the students. They erected 4 checkpoints throughout the immediate area of Tixtla. They also attempted to prevent reporters from filming any of the events.

State police prevent reporters from recording police operative against Ayotzinapa students Video: September 13, 2017

Video: "Education, Not Deportation" Chanted At CSULB -- Source: Gabriela Ortiz

"Education, Not Deportation" chanted throughout the CSULB campus in Long Beach, California. (September 5, 2017)

CSULB was the scene of a large rally in support of undocumented students and community. The rally was marked by the chant of "Education, Not Deportation" and numbered in the hundreds despite the impromptu nature. Students and faculty were convened shortly after the formal announcement of DACA being rescinded by the Donald J. Trump administration. The rally was organzied by La Raza Student Association at California State University - Long Beach. You can learn more about them here: La Raza Student Association.

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B&H Abuses Mexican Labor

B&H continues to engage in anti-labor laws. Now they are headed into a lawsuit citing workplace discrimination against primarily Mexican workers in Brooklyn.

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Activists Slandered by Mexican Government

In New York, the Mexican consulate mobilizes contacts at CBS and Telemundo to slander Somos Los Otros NY.

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Deported Mexicans In Danger of Drug War Recruitment

Several Non Governmental Organizations are warning that deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into narcotrafficking organizations.

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Violence Increasing in Guerrero, Dozens Dead Over Weekend

The violence in Guerrero is steady climbing, with dozens dead during the month of March, 2017.

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Meet GOLEM: UNAM's Talking Robot

The video above presents the situation and an example of how GOLEM-II handles the event.

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GHC Conference Booth: Whats App, Social Media With Heavy Presence

Dr. Berebichez speaks on difficulty of initiating path towards science.

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Guerrero: Understand One of Mexico's Centers for Political Conflict

This section covers one of Mexico's most deadly, but socially promising, regions.

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What the Fuck Is NAFTA?

NAFTA has been opposed by labor and student organizations in Mexico, the US, and Canada.