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Mexico's Far Right Wants A US Invasion

Mexico's far right is making overtures to Trump's positions. Are we entering a phase in which Mexico's insecurity crisis is dovetailing right into the current Trump administration's plans?

La Cartita --- One state has already taken a hardline approach in the past: Colombia, seeding the ground for brutal repression, ineffective (yes, it can decline ... even more) policing and tons of collateral damage that just dovetails/plays into US foreign policy goals nicely. The official reason for which they are designating them as terrorists (potentially, since they're not able to do so without Mexican government's approval) is that 'a cartel' killed Mormon Americans living in Mexico. First, there is no proof that anyone in a major DTO had anything to do with the event. Also, what is a 'Cartel', in this case it sounds like it was a beef between the Lebaron family with local ranchers over water or a small, non-international gang that mistook them for rivals. Either way, nothing to do with DTO's sneaking drugs to American consumers.

Put another way, if Mexico were to classify arms traffickers from the US as terrorists, we would be equally in an uproar. This isn't the way to deal with a criminal organisation. Its doubtful that this is even the way to deal with a terror organisation too. Its just some guy flexing for brownie points amongst a fearful and reactionary voting bloc both here and in Mexico. 🤬

Alejandro Hope,a Mexico City based security researcher, whose known for conservative positions, mentions the following in a Haaretz piece: “This reinforces and gives ammunition to those who want to describe Mexico as a failed state, and describe the border as a security risk, and want to treat narcoterrorism and immigrations as twin issues,” [..]. “This is part of a broader agenda.”

The arrogance of Trump to believe that the crime of one small group can then influence interaction with an entire government is terribly irresponsible. Legitimate law enforcement does not need to be opposed at all. However, the abuse of the terror classification leads to complete meaningless, particularly, when these criminal organizations routinely filter out the use of lucrative trafficking routes for actual terrorists.

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