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Slander & Erasure: Tactics of Anti-Mexican Bias In US Media

The dominant media narrative has two types of anti-Mexican talking points: one left and one right-wing. On the left, the policy of 'erasure' is followed through liberal notions of alleged inclusion whereby Mexicans are 'rebranded' as 'Latinx', 'Latino' or Hispanic, with only the latter category having any bearing in reality through reference to language. Furthermore, positive embrace of Mexicans as immigrants effectively denies indigenous identity. This contrasts with the right-wing narrative more crude and traditional 'slander', focusing on high crime narratives, defacing the public persona of Mexican men and removing any reference to past & present intellectual achievements of the society as a whole. The two strategies complement each other, limiting the possible discourse about Mexico, Mexicans, generally.

Parents of Missing 43 Ayotzinapa Students Protest After 5th Year Of Unsolved Crime Anniversary

Parents of Missing 43 Ayotzinapa Students Protest After 5th Year Of Unsolved Crime Anniversary

In Mexico City, the parents of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students marched accompanied by various social groups. The Mexican president sported an Ayotzinapa solidarity shirt in accordance to the wishes of the parents to send a message that the case was now being investigated seriously.Read More

Mexico Gears Up For Independence Day Celebration

Conejo talks with Rascal from AZtheBeat

CBP reopens border patrol checkpoints in EL PASO, TX.

Top Story: Patrick Crucius, 21, of Allen, Texas. Crucius told his investigators regarding the shooting: "I wanted to shoot as many #Mexicans as possible". As Donald Trump continues to incite violence, the United States enters an era of 'crowdsourced genocide' where small actors, agents of white rascism can generate a big effect of terror to accomplish state goals. [continue]

Vigilará PRD operación de la Guardia Nacional en la Ciudad de México

Circula rumor sobre hijo de Felipe Calderon

Norberto Ronquillo Hernández: The Case of A Kidnapped Marketing Student in Mexico City

Andy Ruiz To Meet With Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

AMLO: "... en la concepción neoliberal todo eso es populismo, paternalismo", añadió."

Defensa de migrantes mexicanos en EUA, prioridad de nuevos cónsules

Betsy Devos: Radical Extremist Heads US Department of Education

Europe Falters After China-US Split

El Chapo Arrest Changes Nothing In Drug War: Opinion

Tinder Blankets Lefty Areas of Berlin With Propaganda

Berlin: Far-Right Security Firm In Charge of Holocaust Memorial

London Protestors - Including London's Former Mayor - Demand Bank of England Return Venezuela's Gold

North Carolina Communities Arbitrarily Broken By ICE

Derechos Humanos pide más sensibilidad para atacar acoso en transporte

After 35 Days, Government Shutdown Ends With Massive Loss For Trump's Wall Idea

Guerrero: A Warzone As Result Of Constant Trafficker Squabbles

Mexican Undergraduates Make Mixteco Language Learning App For Android

Mexican Workers Are Engaging in Wildcat Strikes at the Border

PRD propone reunión-Trump-López Obrador sobre tema migratorio

No debe repetirse una tragedia como la de Hidalgo, coinciden senadores

Riots Impact Venezuela After Coup Attempt From CIA Sponsored Groups

Con alegría, migrantes hondureños reciben tarjetas de visitante

Mexico's Former President Enrique Pena Nieto 'Took $100m Bribe From El Chapo'

Denise Dresser Briefs With US Embassy

EPN Received Bribe From Jesus Zambada

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Huachicoleo Kills 85

An illegal tap on PEMEX fuel duct left 85 dead, 80 injured after pipeline explodes.

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Car Bomb in Bogota

A car bomb explodes at police academy in Bogota, Colombia, but details remain unclear.

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Politician Daughter Assassinated

Mexico's House of Representatives lawmaker received word that her daughter was killed while at a Veracruz gym.

Mexican Not Latino

Anthony Brown Case

LA Sheriff investigated for corruption, 18 arrested.