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After Coup, Evo Morales Faces Imprisonment, But Mexico Offers Political Asylum Through Diplomatic Mission

La Cartita --- Mexican personnel in the Bolivian embassy are moving towards providing Evo Morales asylum should the need arise. A right wing coup was has fully taken ahold of Bolivia, after the country's top general, General Williams Kaliman, suggested the president to resign. Meanwhile, Cindy Sheehan in the United States, head of March at the Pentagon, is condemning the coup and the United States' participation. .

Also at the center of the coup effort, Luis Fernando Camacho, a self-proclaimed leader of a suspiciously violent set of protestors, has directed more marchers and managed to co-opt large sectors of the police force. He hails from the Santa Cruz region, known for mestizos, material wealth and stronger ties to Europe and the United States. He is also the head of 'Comité Cívico Pro Santa Cruz'. In the past these Civic Committees have acted in conjunction with groups in La Paz to disrupt Morales' government, with evidence of links to the US Chamber of Commerce.

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Huachicoleo Kills 85

An illegal tap on PEMEX fuel duct left 85 dead, 80 injured after pipeline explodes.

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Car Bomb in Bogota

A car bomb explodes at police academy in Bogota, Colombia, but details remain unclear.

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Politician Daughter Assassinated

Mexico's House of Representatives lawmaker received word that her daughter was killed while at a Veracruz gym.

Mexican Not Latino

Anthony Brown Case

LA Sheriff investigated for corruption, 18 arrested.