While Sanders is leading the Democratic Party nominees for president, the rest of the party is ready to pick each other off on the basis of half truths. Warren has managed to twist the meaning of a complex private company’s tax filings into a dark, mysterious tunnel of corporate greed, obfuscation and oppression. While the portrayal is certainly relevant and applicable, relative to other corporations (private or public) the Bloomberg LP’s organizational structure has mostly funneled its funds to Philanthropic & operation costs.

Sexual harassment, the more serious of her charges, also appears to rest on a very crude reading of past history, mostly detailing instances in which employees at his firm, Bloomberg LP, harassed each other prior to the vast, broad effects of the #MeToo movement. As a conciliatory gesture, it appears Michael Bloomberg is prepared to disclose any NDA (non-disclosure agreements) pertaining to him, which do carry sexual harassment charges.

Warren has been criticized in the past about stretching the truth regarding Native heritage. Today’s new line of stretching the truth for political ends is not new.