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Mexican Spanish: Neglected In Tech Industry

La Cartita --- Dispite having the world's largest number of Spanish language speakers by a factor of 7, the Mexican regional market is never a priority in localization efforts. Increasingly, Apple, Google and others look to Spain for a baseline for the Mexican market.

Much of it is coincidental; many product owners at places like Apple hire other Europeans. Spaniard, French and Catalan management often look for a way home from backwards America through increased control on localization, leading to hilarious results (check the iterations of Apple tacos until the proper one).

Many Mexicans complain that directions on most GPS applications sound awkward, but as the most overworked society of all industrialized nations, many do not complain directly - there is no time.

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Conozca el Robot GOLEM de la UNAM

El Robot 'GOLEM' reconoce el hablado humano y actua como un mesero automatizado.

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Chicanos lideran un estudio de Cancer en UC Davis

Knights Landing con 1,200 residentes Mexicanos que ayudan en un estudio sobre Cancer.

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Un $BB Blackberry Priv Para Activistas

Celulares con OS Android pueden resguardar seguridad del usuario.

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Empresa de informática Pro-Trump busca interferir en elección presidencial de México

La empresa usa la aplicación para investigar preferencias electorales de mas de 200 mil usuarios en Colombia y México.