Conejo Returns To LA After Exile

On 2018, ‘Dope Fiend’ was released on multiple online platforms. Los Angeles rapper, Conejo, a.k.a “G-Rabs”, re-emerged into the rap world around this time. Conejo is generating momentum in a unique hip-hop scence with a string of new albums for an increasingly global community that bumps his brand of cerebral gangster music. Upon his release from LA County Jail, Conejo immediately gave hundreds of thousands of avid listeners a new batch of music. Among the releases is ‘Favela 4’, an album with references to Brazilian hood themes in both the lyrical content and the music itself. More here: [[Conejo]]

Interview With Juan Alderete

Mars Volta bassist’s, Juan Alderete, talks to La Cartita about his life in the band, independent projects and other ventures

Power 106 Conservative Owned

Power 106 owned and operated by right-wing Cubans and non-Mexicans.

La Cartita — Otto Padron, a former US Army officer with deep ties to counter insurgency and state terror units, is the COO of Meruelo Media, the parent company of Power 106 in Los Angeles, California. For years, Padron was traveling to countries like Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico, Jordan, destabilizing governments in the name of US conservatism.

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