People Die As Result Of Trump Recommendations On Bleach, UV-Rays

Spikes in calls to poison control in New York & Maryland were observed in the past 72 hours. Different variations of half-baked cures and calls to re-open have colored the Republican Party platform as the virus rips through the United States.

Pandemic Responses From The Right

In Las Vegas, Mayor Goodman offered her city as a control group. Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, suggested that there will be no issues on re-opening the state, but Trump took it further this week: he suggested people inject bleach or expose themselves to a UV ray internally (somehow).

In a press conference, the US President suggested that Dr.Brix, one of the leaders of the US’ coronavirus response group, take a look into the potential of injecting themselves or ingesting the chlorine liquid to cleanse themselves of the coronavirus. Very bizarre.

Federal Response Team React

Her reaction was so muted, but Dr. Deborah Brix did indicate some discomfort at Trump’s ludicrous suggestion:

“Supposing you brought the light inside the body or through the skin”.

Donald J Trump

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