Trump Holding Off On Stimulus Until It Can Help Him In The Election

Donald J Trump was caught off guard with the recent coronavirus crisis. He was unable to muster the level of coordinated planning necessary to abate a full blown market crisis, which took place yesterday after a more than 7 percent drop in the average value of various stock indices. Bloomberg News reports now that he was unable to present a real stimulus plan today as originally promised on Monday:

After deciding to pursue an economic stimulus plan
following the steepest drop by the benchmark S&P 500 index since
2011, Trump told reporters at a briefing on Monday: “I will be
here tomorrow afternoon to let you know about some of the
economic steps we’re taking, which will be major,” he said.
But that didn’t happen. The president made brief remarks
and took a handful of questions after meeting with Republican
senators at the Capitol earlier in the day but did not detail a
stimulus plan.

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