Trump More Concerned With Election Than Coronavirus.

Apparently, President Trump is more concerned with election outcomes due to the likely fallout from the corona virus.

Trump is effectively vetoing a federal spending bill to use taxpayer funds to bail out small business owners, working class families with expanded medicare programmes to service possible coronavirus breakouts. He knows no compromise even when lifes hang in the balance. No rationale approach has been taking by the federal authorities with many employees grumbling against Trump’s vile ignorance on the issue.


The Democrat demand that the Medicaid programme be expanded to deal with all known and possible coronavirus is hitting a roadblock from conservative Republicans who want no part in an expanded program they normally wish to cut.

The Trump agenda is so vehemently self-centered that there is no room for negotiations. Few Republicans, with the exception of Mitt Romney, are willing to go against Trump’s bizarre payroll tax relief proposal for the very programs designed to deal with this public health crisis. In other words, Trump is trying to drive artificial spending patterns with very expensive tax relief while the Democrats simply want expanded health care services to deal with a health care crisis.

Fortunately, the Senate and House of Representatives will not enter a recess to determine that

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