Pique and Shakira Drama Boils Up In Social Media

On Billboard and on social media, Shakira is making musical references to her now ex-husband, Gerard Pique, and speaking about how she feels regarding their divorce. Recently, they divorced due to infidelity, but Shakira is also reeling from a tax evasion suit linked to her partner and her manner in managing finances.

Shakira has produced a few songs to capitalize on her situation likely due to a need to both generate revenue for her legal issues, and to adapt to her new single status.

The feud has long been simmering and now boiling over with today’s launch of a single called Bizarrap and ‘Pa Tipos Como Tu’ (for people like you). Just a few years past, Shakira, who has over 100 million followers on Instagram, had been posting cryptic messages about her husband’s infidelity. She has posted a series of pictures of herself with the caption “I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor” and “I’m stronger than ever”.

Shakira in concert.

The couple had been together since 2011 and have two children together residing in Barcelona and Florida. Now, Shakira has been very vocal about her feelings and has made it clear that she will not tolerate any form of infidelity. In In 2021, the story of Pique’s basically routine of sex with other women (and somewhat unsurprising for a high value man) has been trending in Spain, and around the world. Online, fans have been sending their support to Shakira and have been discussing the situation on social media who feel empathy for the situation.

users react and feel empathy.