April 19, 2024


We are a mostly bilingual, but at times multi-lingual, news focused content creation website. The website was created in 2013 by Ricardo Lezama (me) and is self-funded, structured as a private organization. The intent is to provide a unique perspective of the world that also reflects and resonates with the lived experience of about 200 million Mexicans. The group has expanded and contracted with Mexico and Colombia based analyst, with our current lead content manager being Natalia Rueda Castro, a recent graduate in Environmental Engineering from University of Sergio Arboleda, Bogota, Colombia. We also regularly consult with business experts from that university and EAN, another reknowned university in Colombia.

As noted above, our audience is mostly bilingual individuals of Mexican descent residing in both Mexico and the United States. Additionally, we have staff and analysts with connections to Colombia and other parts of Latin America. We adopt a similar bicultural approach to service the content needs of these individuals too. In a multi-polar world, we need to have a focus on serving content that is not, perhaps, local to the audience, but likely relevant because of familial, cultural or political ties to some region not within the United States. For instance, within the United States, nearly 50 million people are connected to Mexico in some way. Food consumption, music and other cultural customs are dictated gently or heavily by this connection. The same hold for other communities to varying degrees, like a small enclave of Colombians in Queens, New York City, to take one significant example.

Every day, we source or write content that focuses on this multi-world experience that so many in the United States and Mexico experience. We generate content for each generation of relocated or displaced people and will often accommodate in various languages content that is particularly resonating with respect to Google searches. Chicano, Mexican culture often finds a place in distant lands, like Germany, Russia and Japan. As such, do not be surprised for seeing Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and other languages.

These are not usually provided all in a single website. The world is more than just English. However, our obsession with language is also a consequence of my personal training as a linguist. With respect to languages, in my opinion, the more, the merrier. Thank you for reading.

— Ricardo Lezama