Desart MX Acquires First Cannabis Permits in Mexico

Xebra Brands’ Desart MX has become the inaugural firm to acquire permits for cultivation, processing, production, and commercialization of cannabis in Mexico, thereby indicating a radical transformation from the prior criminalization of the plant in the country.

The firm has been partially authorized by Mexico’s Supreme Court to import, grow, process, sell, and export cannabis products with 1% THC or less, the plant’s psychotropic constituent.

Desart MX has shifted its concentration to a different one of the plant’s components, cannabidiol (CBD), which does not create a high and is used to treat a host of health issues such as insomnia, pain, and anxiety. Xebra Brands has also clearly indicated that there are no restrictions on the size of cultivation facilities or production volumes.

In 2021, a law was passed in Mexico to decriminalize cannabis for recreational, scientific, medical, and industrial purposes, however, regulations necessary for the application of this law remain pending in the Senate.