California Cancels $54 Million Contract with Walgreens Over Abortion Pill Dispute

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After Walgreens declared that it would not be sending the abortion pill by post to certain conservative-run states, California Governor Gavin Newsom annulled a $54 million contract with the pharmacy giant.

Newsom has cited the company’s decision to “cower to the extremists” in their refusal to dispense the drug, and has committed to leveraging the state’s market power to protect reproductive rights.

Walgreens has responded by stating that the company is deeply disappointed and that its position has been to dispense the pill in any jurisdiction legally.

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Newsom is making California a sanctuary for those in other states with restrictive abortion laws and has enacted new laws and allocated $20 million in spending to help cover travel and lodging for those coming to California for abortion rights.

Newsom’s decision to end the contract will have a small impact on Walgreens’ revenues, but will also serve as a statement of California’s commitment to reproductive freedom.