Far Right, México Libre, Party From Disgraced ex-President, Is Staging Fake Viral Moments

Felipe Calderon and his wife Margarita Zavala are staging fake viral moments on social media in order to sow discontent in Mexico. The country has struggled to deal with the after-effects of several security blunders from Calderon.

Fake Moment Debunked

A viral moment alleging that personnel from Mexico’s security forces had harassed some neutral civilians on the street was debunked by Twitter users in Mexico.

The viral video alleged that the mean mugging and rude comments were coming from federal police, but in actuality, the men did not work for any government agency. They were instead found to be linked to Calderon’s ‘Mexico Libre’ party, a group with far-right wing ties and connections to the US security apparatus.

You can learn more on this original story in Spanish:

Calderon Linked To Disgraced Security Head

Recently, the former head of National Security, Genaro Garcia Luna, was arrested under charges emanating from a federal court in New York City related to public corruption, lying on his immigration application and links to the Sinaloa Cartel. This was the same individual who Calderon selected to arrange the US & Mexico’s alleged war on drugs. Instead, NY prosecutors allege that Garcia Luna was orchestrating the downfall of rival cartels in exchange for money and extra-judicial favors from cartel henchmen.

Calderon unleashed vicious carnage on the Mexican people by deploying relatively trustworthy Mexican military personnel on domestic security matters. This led to many wars between cartel figures, with much collateral damage.

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