The Agenda of Corrupt Cops: Blame & Inflate Gang Threat

Lee Baca, 77 years old, the disgraced head of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, is heading to jail for conspiracy to obstruct an FBI probe on California Prison corruption.

Baca ran an operation dubbed ‘Operation: Pandora’s Box’. In said operation, a black inmate, Antonio Brown, who was suspected of being an FBI informant by LASD correctional officers , was constantly moved within various units of the LASD jail facility in order to obscure his communication with the FBI. The FBI was interested in knowing more about civil rights violations and alleged jail guard corruption linked to the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia operations behind prison walls and outside of them.

Baca To Jail

Baca has lost an appeal to the Supreme Court. He is now expected to present himself to jail soon.

Below is a video summarising the charges for which Baca was eventually charged by federal authorities.

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