Canelo Alvarez Launches ‘Canelo Energy’ A Network Of Gasoline Stations

Guadalajara’s boxing hero, Canelo Alvarez, is also trying to KO gasoline prices in this tumultuous time for energy markets. Also, Alvarez has a series of convenience stores called ‘Upper’ already operational.

In a sport that is so rampant with broken dreams, loss of cognitive abilities and riches, but Canelo is among the best to buck this trend. The world’s number 1 P4P fighter may take risks in boxing, but does not take risks in his financial planning. The professional boxer is currently diversifying his assets and looking to become a high-powered businessman in Mexico.

Canelo Alvarez launches gasoline station network ‘Canelo Energy’.

The ‘Upper’ network of stores is shown in video below. In Guadalajara, Jalisco, a network of stores shows that various hardware tools are also available within the store. No other convenience store in Mexico possesses hardware tools for car repairs, a practice more common the United States. The store has those more varied conveniences along with fresh high quality bread, healthy foods, conventional snacks found in other stores, but also the prices appear to be slightly below market or within the average.

In general, the observation can be made that some of these modernization techniques are sourced from conventions born outside of Mexico, like a well maintained convenience store in the US or Germany or a mix of any other high end convenience store in Europe. Apparently, their workers make several times the average minimum wage, hovering around 12 to 18 thousand Mexican pesos.

Upper Convenience Stores are gaining a positive reputation throughout Mexico.