Berkshire Hathaway Owns 650 Million Dollars Worth of Baja California Land – How?

According to listings on their website, Berkshire Hathaway owns 1,363,428,000 sqft of Mexican land fit for beach tourism, hotel and fishing along with mining rights! The chunk of land is the size of a small US county.

Private Mexican Beaches For US Corporations

This begs the question: how did the US based corporation, owned by none other than Warren Buffet (one of the world richest people), acquire the land? Mexico under the PRI, PAN administration has a painful legacy of government corruption that is only beginning to be addressed under the Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador administration. It is difficult to imagine Buffet’s corporation acquiring the company without resorting to graft even if unknowingly.

The swath of quality Mexican land is valued at 650 million US dollars.

The listing spells out the multiple exploits a buyer can engage in: “MULTIPLE ZONING USES: HOTEL, ECOTOURISM, FISHING, MARINA, MINING, AGRICULTURAL. NEW ACCESS BY SAN FELIPE ROAD. Major price reduction. Will consider all offers. Mexican Notaria Publica will provide all permits & relevant information for transparency. The total area in hectares: 127,750… 60 kilometers/37.28 Miles of coastline. See documents for detailed information: agriculture, biology, hunting, fishing, Hydroculture, geology, topography, etc…

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