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The PRI's (Institutional Revolutionary Party) top leadership, Mexico's ruling party, is now under investigation for massive embezzlement of federal funds. (26/12/2017)

Jaime Herrera Corral, a federal witness serving 4 years in prison and protected by Mexico's witness protection program, stated to Mexican auditors and federal police that when Videgaray was head of the 'Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público (Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit), over 250 million dollars of public money were illegally diverted to the PRI's electoral campaigns for state governorships. This includes the border state of Chihuahua where Herrera Corral worked as education minister; the illegal use of money has led to a federal charge against the former Chihuahua governor, Cesar Duarte, who is wanted on embezzlement charges, but not prosecuted by the Mexico City faction of the PGR (federal police).

Relatedly, yesterday, Dec 25, 2017, the NY Times published well known information about the PRI's control over the editorial sections of many well known newspapers in Mexico, including, El Universal Online.

In New York, the PRI's point person for public relations is Diego Gomez Pickering #DiegoGomezPickering who is known for obtuse responses to well known human rights abuses. The NY consulate, staffed by PRI loyalists, maintains a friendly relationship with Pulso Nueva York and Diario de Mexico USA, the latter of which has been found to be linked directly to Mexican authorities in Mexico City and tasked with publishing favorable news on specific political operatives. The information was found thanks to court documents pertaining to a former employees' wage theft claims.

When confronted by local activists, Gomez Pickering has stated that serving in his capacity as a representative to the UN and local authorities made it improper for him to respond to charges regarding the kidnapping of 43 #Ayotzinapa 1st year students by Guerrero state authorities, a case in which even Mexican military personnel participated in harassing escapees of the mass kidnapping.

Today, Antonio Tizapa Legideño (Running for Ayotzinapa 43 N.Y.), father of one of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students, completed a 48 hour hunger strike undertaken over the holidays of Christmas Eve and Christmas to protest the continued militarisation of Guerrero, and Mexico, generally, that led to his son's disappearance. He questioned the NY ambassador of Mexico, Gomez Pickering, about his tacit support for Mexico's new interior security law and silence over further disappearances and killings in Mexico.

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