Father of Ayotzinapa Student Meets With Representatives of OAS and México Government (5/21/2016)

At the Inter American Human Right's Office in Washington DC, Antonio Tizapa, the father of Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño, is meeting with the representatives of México's highest ranked federal police force (PGR) and attorney general's office. Lawyers representing the parents and students are pushing back against the PGR's false claims that they had not received an official communication from the UN Office on Indigenous Issues.

Antonio Tizapa, Ayotzinapa legal representatives, and community members reflect on the meeting outcome (EspaƱol) via Antonio Tizapa

Last week, Mr. Tizapa made news globally after extending a second invitation to Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz. Mr Tizapa is currently at the office of the Inter-American Human Rights office of the Organization of American States meeting with representatives of the OAS and the Mexican government. For its part, the American government has publicly backed the Mexican government by making statements through Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, backing the official investigation.

So far, the Mexican government denied receiving an official letter from Tauli-Corpuz during the ongoing meeting with Tizapa. However, the denial begs the question of why they failed to address either Tizapa's or Maria Jesus de Bartolo Tlatempa invitation publicly before this meeting. Many assume the Mexican government is hoping to prevent a UN backed probe into the whereabouts of 43 disappeared students of Ayotzinapa.

The Mexican community denounces the presence of the PGR in the Human Rights facilities of the OAS. (5/22/2016)

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