A Voucher is Not a Guarantee: Struggles of Securing Housing in Los Angeles County


La Cartita

Foto de Pedro Marroquin en Unsplash

In Los Angeles County, finding an apartment can be an extremely difficult task due to the housing shortage and homelessness crisis. Inflation has caused rent to sky rocket and the success rate for the Los Angeles Housing Authority from April 2021 to December 2022 was only 44.7%.

Low-income residents are eligible for federally funded vouchers which can help them pay for rent. Many people with regular middle-class salaries have been put in the hard situation of competing for a home.

A state law prohibits landlords from discriminating against renters based on source of income, but many voucher recipients have still been refused housing despite the law, viewing them as unreliable tenants or associated with crime.

These factors make it hard for low-income people to find housing, and more than half the people who received a voucher were unable to find a place to rent.