“El Camus”, Influencer Denounced on Social Media For Fake Charity Project

The popular social media news account, Ojovreal, has reported that influencer, Camilo Garcia Caballero aka “El Camus”, for mounting a fake charity drive. While initially the project, Cambiando Vidas (“Changing Lives”), was well received by both Milenio and Telemundo, due diligence was apparently not performed on the project. The news outlets likely observed a large social media following and opted to take the projects alleged intent at face value.

Family Ties to Mexico President

For context, the influencer ‘Camus’ was also recently at the center of a public controversy due to uploading a photo with the wildly unpopular ex president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto. The photo took place in the Dominican Republic where Camus’ sister – who is also a beauty queen from Barranquilla, Colombia – was getting married.

El Camus Did Not Provide Funds To Family

Apparently, a dispute between ‘El Camus’ and another Mexico based influencer resulted in chaos for a household of three women. Funds allegedly donated to the families were somehow lost in transit; the Mexican influencer then covered the family expenses, but not while they were monumentally exposed without a home since they abandoned their prior home based on ‘El Camus’ promises.

Ultimately, the families denounced that for the creation of content, El Camus faked a birthday for one of the younger members. Then, they were left behind in a subpar dwelling while “El Camus” traveled to Europe.

In his social media account, there is reference to Los Angeles based investors that are footing the bill for 1000 homes in Colombia. The projects exact dimensions are not specified, only a distinct prominent investor/luxury home developer is mentioned on the social media post.

Story Unfolding, Social Media Accounts For OjoVReal Locked

While OjovReal has dilligently reported on a story of public interest, it appears that some entities have begun to falsely report the social media account. This has led to the outlet not being able to access its accounts. This amounts to a suppression of the press act that should be thoroughly reviewed by Meta (Instagram’s parent company) as it is common for policy abuse measures to be misapplied in emerging markets.

This story is ongoing and will be expanded as new information is obtained.