Canelo vs Ryoto: Mexico Exports It’s Boxing To Japan Market

On the usual ‘Cinco de Mayo’ date, Canelo is set to fight Ryoto and expand Mexico’s greatest export: boxing to Japan.

Mexico Exports Boxing To Asia

Mexico has long favoured the sport since the post-revolutionary period when individuals would box for sport and survival in boxcars formally linked to the rail lines that aided the revolution.

Risky Japanese Opponent: Ryoto Murata

Ryoto Murata is Japan’s best middleweight and will not be a walk in the park for Canelo, whose making a dangerous return to the 160 weight class.

Both fighters are in their prime, with both being recognizable names in different markets and likely providing fireworks for the first few rounds minimally. Canelo may be looking to unify in the 160 lb middleweight class.

Murata was a three time olympic medalist for Japan, while he maintains a respectable record, displaying both power and finesse in his boxing.

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