Killing of Mexican Girl by NYPD Relative Re-enters Public Discussion

Brooklyn Mexicans honor Luz Gonzalez after her unjust death at the hands of an NYPD’s relative.

La Cartita (Published July 1, 2018)

La Cartita — The murder of Luz Gonzalez by the sister of an NYPD Sergeant is angering the Mexican community in Brooklyn. Luz walked to her mother as a driver carelessly backed her American SUV over the child and drove off speedily. The child and mother were both on the sidewalk, out of vehicle traffic, but the SUV driver, Jeannette Maria, backed into them because of a lack of a driveway immediately accessible to her. As a result, both the mother and child were injured. Worse still, Jeannette Maria’s erratic driving caused her to be pulled over by the NYPD. She was then released after presenting a special badge indicating she was a pig’s relative.

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