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Anger Rises In Brooklyn Over Luz Gonzalez Murder; Se prende la mecha en Brooklyn por el caso de Luz Gonzalez

VIDEO: Brooklyn Mexicans honor Luz Gonzalez after her unjust death at the hands of an NYPD's relative.

(July 1, 2018) La Cartita -- The murder of Luz Gonzalez by the sister of an NYPD Sergeant is angering the Mexican community in Brooklyn. Luz walked to her mother as a driver carelessly backed her American SUV over the child and drove off speedily. The child and mother were both on the sidewalk, out of vehicle traffic, but the SUV driver, Jeannette Maria, backed into them because of a lack of a driveway immediately accessible to her. As a result, both the mother and child were injured. Worse still, Jeannette Maria's erratic driving caused her to be pulled over by the NYPD. She was then released after presenting a special badge indicating she was a pig's relative.

Again, the little girl's name was Luz Gonzalez, struck by a vehicle operated by the sister of an NYPD police sergeant. The woman named Jeannette Maria drove away frantically to avoid criminal charges rather than help the family she destroyed. After the fatal hit-and-run, she was held up by an NYPD squad car due to her erratic driving. However, when the woman revealed herself to be the sister of an NYPD sergeant, she successfully fled the scene with the blessing of the patrol. Nevertheless, the outrage has reached a fever pitch with memorials, marches and online posts demanding the woman be brought to justice.

Luz Gonzalez killed by wreckless driver who fled the scene of an accident.

Reports also indicate that after Jeannete Marias family attempted to intimidate the Mexican woman by threatening to call ICE, the mother of Luz still rallied people to march to the precinct to demand that justice be administered to a police officers relative with the same zealous enthusiasm as they prosecute others. Jeannette Maria is the person responsible for this girls death and her mother’s injuries, but without pressure on the local government, she will likely not face criminal charges. Under most circumstances, there is criminal liability for the hit-and-run alone, and it continues to be a significant that the mother is a credible witness.

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Luz Gonzalez fallece tras ser atropellada por hermana de un sargento del NYPD

Border Patrol Officers Are Raping Women Held In Detention.

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