After Canelo Fight, Avni Yildirim Fans In Turkey Blame Joel Diaz Irrationally

Unfortunately, Joel Diaz is now looking like the scapegoat after the shockingly sudden defeat of Avni Yildirim in the 3rd round of the February 27 bout. Diaz, a renowned Mexican boxing trainer famous for pulling off various upsets, like the Pacquiao vs Bradley bout in 2014, has told ‘No Puedes Jugar Boxeo’ that he’s receiving lots of unsubstantiated accusations after the bout with Canelo Alvarez.

Avni Yilidirim was defeated by Canelo on February 27, 2021 via TKO.

Diaz has been applauded by most boxing experts for ensuring that Yildirim came away from the defeat without any long-term damage.

Turkish fans have wrongly surmised that because of the shared Mexican ethnicity, Diaz would be willing to take a bribe at the expense of Avni Yildirim. The bitter defeat left the Turkish sports world shocked and humiliated because of the retirement TKO. Yildirim was quiet in his defeat, crying at the conclusion of the bout during the final VADA testing.

Fight Recap

The bout concluded at the end of the 3rd round through retirement. Joel Diaz was conscious of the possiblity that his fighter was not in the right state of mind to continue bout. After all, it was in the 3rd round that he was knocked down from a straight right to the face.

Canelo Alvarez was able to dominate Yildirim for the short duration of the fight.

Unfortunately, the talent gap was evident from the opening bell, with even blocked punches moving Yildirim as Canelo would consistently set up uppercuts with feints and superior timing.

At 5 feet 9, Canelo is consistently much smaller and shorter than his opponents

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