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For Republican Primary, Clarence Birkhead Campaign Promises Transparency For Durham County Community

For Republican Primary, Clarence Birkhead Campaign Promises Transparency For Durham County Community

Durham County Sheriff candidate, Clarence Birkhead, 30 year law enforcement veteran. Photo: Indyweek.

La Cartita --- Tomorrow, May 8, voting is set to take place in a heated Republican primary for county sheriff. Clarence Birkhead, a 30 year law enforcement veteran, is challenging incumbent Sheriff Mike Andrews for the Durham County Sheriffs position. At Duke University, Birkhead served as chief of police and as deputy sherry in Randolph County. Another 5 years as chief of Hillsborough Police Department. Clarence Birkhead is promising to not submit inmate's personal immigration status to ICE amidst controversial Sheriff Mike Andrews extended collaboration with ICE intrusions into Durham County residents immigration status.

Durham County: Constant Controversy For Local Sheriff

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Birkhead's resume shows a predisposition for multicultural settings and tactful leadership. Currently, the Durham County Sheriffs office is refusing to protect locals in the community from Federal deportation searches. ICE is continuing to inquire into Durham County's resident status despite their unpopularity.

Local residents have voiced concern at the competence of their Sheriff. In recent years, Durham County Sheriffs Office has become mired in scandal and controversy. Sexual harrasment has been reported against their agents, while simultaneous reports of Mike Andrews being a vocal supporter of confederate monuments.

After Tragic Suicide Of Uniece Fennel While In Custody, Durham County Sheriff Race a Toss Up

Worse still, a 17 year old girl, Uniece Fennel, was found dead under Sheriff Andrews' custody due to a suicide. Sheriffs are always tasked to monitor the well being of all of people under custody, particularly, minors. Finally, a pitch to remove in person visitations in the county was fought back, but just barely. Sheriff Mike Andrews had partnered with a private corporation to replace in person visitations for inmates with online video.

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