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News From News Agencies Representing 5 Eyes Governments

This page monitors on an irregular basis - frequently and throughout the day - the news content of state press agencies for the member states of 'Five Eyes', a network of imperial states participating in a global intelligence program first brought to public prominence by Edward Snowden. The "Five Eyes" member states are: New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Thus, a good shorthand for this page(s) is to think: "what are the Anglo-Imperial states doing or selling to their domestic public today?". By no means, however, are the views expressed between those "Five Eyes" members monolithic. To the extent that their respective publics are empowered, the news content will reflect an opinion usually 'left-of-center' relative to the corporate US press.

Since the US government lacks an official state agency conveying the demeanor and propaganda priorities of its position, we instead provide a composite of corporate outlets. These outlets give a sense of what business friendly opinion defines the US press currently. Voice of America counts, however, as an official distributor of US propaganda, but we opt to not include them.

New Zealand Radio News

'It's not an attitude I want to see in the game I love' - Perenara

All Black TJ Perenara is the latest high-profile rugby player to criticise Australian star Israel Folau for his anti-gay comments, saying there is "no justification for such harmful comments".

British Broadcasting Company

Sonia Williams, Junior Green and Anthony Bryan

Theresa May says the decision was taken in 2009 - as Jeremy Corbyn labels her "callous" during a heated Prime Minister's Questions.

Australian Broadcasting Company:

CBA executive warned after failing to answer questions on bogus fees

image for article: no description available

The head of the banking royal commission loses patience with a Commonwealth Bank executive after she…

Canadian Broadcasting Company:

Why a water-gulping Wisconsin plant is a wake-up call for Canada

Canadians should be worried about the ecological impact of a huge industrial plant planned for Wisconsin, a leading voice on water conservation says. It would suck nearly 22 million litres of water from Lake Michigan per day. And not all of it would be returned.

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Guerrero: Understand One of Mexico's Centers for Political Conflict

This section covers one of Mexico's most deadly, but socially promising, regions.

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Activists Slandered by Mexican Government

México's General Consul in New York, Sandra Fuentes Berain, publicly accused the group "Somos Los Otros NY" of an act of vandalism.

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Deported Mexicans In Danger of Drug War Recruitment

Several Non Governmental Organizations are warning that deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into narcotrafficking organizations.

Mexican Not Latino

Violence Increasing in Guerrero, Dozens Dead Over Weekend

The violence in Guerrero is steady climbing, with dozens dead during the month of March, 2017.