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March 4 Our Lives In New York City Led By School Shooting Survivors

Gun Control Themed 'March For Our Lives' In Front of Trump Tower. New York City, New York.

La Cartita --- Surviving victims of Florida's school shooting last month, in which 17 school children were shot fatally by Nikolas Cruz, read the names of their murdered classmates aloud among a huge crowd in New York City. More than 20 thousand protestors marched and closed 6th Avenue off for their presence. Despite these numbers, the protests were even larger in Washington DC where 700,000 people are reportedly protesting at the nation's capital.

Gun Control Themed 'March For Our Lives' In Front of Trump Tower. New York City, New York.

Gun Friendly Texas: Houston Protests

Mayor rallies have sprung up across elsewhere in the United States. In Houston, Texas, 15 thousand people marched in their downtown, all while Texas is flooded with guns due to relaxed state level regulation on firearms. Houston's mayor was present to implore local adults take action on children's safety. Curiously, Houston's police chief marched arm in arm with protestors, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Los Angeles Also Had Protests

Some have claimed that this series of marches were bigger than women's march from last year.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico City, a new Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral surveying responses that will be used to fuel Mexico's upcoming presidential election.

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GHC Conference Booth: Whats App, Social Media With Heavy Presence

Dr. Berebichez speaks on difficulty of initiating path towards science.

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Guerrero: Understand One of Mexico's Centers for Political Conflict

This section covers one of Mexico's most deadly, but socially promising, regions.

Mexican Not Latino

What the Fuck Is NAFTA?

NAFTA has been opposed by labor and student organizations in Mexico, the US, and Canada.