Deborah Berebichez Speaks At Grace Hopper Conference (Time: 10/13/2017; 20:42)

La Cartita -- Deborah Berebichez spoke at the Grace Hopper Conference and related her experience of breaking out of a sexist society on both sides of the border. Berebichez is Mexican from Mexico City and was the first Mexican woman to graduate from Stanford's white male dominated Physics department. Even before attending Stanford, her academic achievement at Brandeis was remarkable. Berebichez was one of a handful of students who had succesfully 'tested out' of undergraduate mathematics requirements.

At an early age, Deborah Berebichez knew she was interested in mathematics and science. Unfortunately, there was some words of caution from her mother that dampened her scientific pursuits slightly. Her mother told her to 'hide it'. Berebichez's mother said if she did not hide this interests, then "you won't find a husband."

Dr. Berebichez speaks on difficulty of initiating path towards science:

Dr. Berebichez speaks on difficulty of initiating path towards science. Video: La Cartita

From Philosophy to Physics

Once studying at Mexico's premier university, UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico, however, Berebichez' talent was still obvious enough for her to enroll in the school's prestigous philosophy department. She eventually navigated her way into Brandeis University in Massachusetts, making lifelong connections that would influence her career and outlook. Despite her delayed entry into the university's Physics undergraduate program, an Indian graduate student took the time to show her advanced mathematics necessary to study Physics at a graduate level.

In her talk, she encouraged the audience of women in the IT industry or in university to be bold and generous to others in their pursuit of scientific development. Kindness and perseverance were what brought her infamy in her desired field. Her influece was felt throughout the audience as many were stunned to learn of her community level engagement. Dr. Berebichez is currently connected to programs tutoring young and under-privileged people in the Northern California area. Her approach embodies those aforementioned principles.

GHC Conference Booth: Whats App, Social Media With Heavy Presence (October 4, 2017) Photo: La Cartita

Dr. Berebichez' website details some of her accomplishments at a high level:
"Debbie completed her PhD in Physics at Stanford University in 2005. Her advisors were Professor George Papanicolaou (Math Department) and Nobel Laureate in Physics Robert B. Laughlin (Physics Department). She also completed two postdoctoral fellowships in applied mathematics and physics at Columbia University and NYU, where she carried out research in the area of acoustic waves. Debbie invented a highly effective technique in the field of wireless communications that allows a cell phone user to communicate with a desired target user in a distant location."

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