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ETP, the corporation that owns Dakota Access Pipeline, have suffered a hack.

La Cartita --- Yesterday, a cyberattack, possibly linked to Russia, was undertaken against Energy Transfer Partners, the owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The hack appears to have caused a service outage at a document exchange. The exchange likely contained sensitive informattion relating to the customers' distribution of oil.

While that attack was declared suppressed and repelled Tuesday, a seperate attack appears to have shutdown Energy Transfer data warehouse and affected several other related companies in the oil pipeline industry.

The Rios Montt Trial & Justice for Guatemala: Montt Dead Today.

Blackberry Sues Facebook Over Messenger Usurping BB Technology

Ayotzinapa Protests In Front Of Mexican Consulate in New York City

EPN, current Mexican president who negotiated with Donald Trump as candidate, depicted as Death. New York City, NY (March 26, 2018)

The Danger of National Gendarmerie: Paramilitary Forces in Mexico (02/24/2013)

Santa Ana College Students Rally To Restore Mural

Mexican Not Latino

For Security Minded Activists, A Cheap $BB Blackberry Priv Model May Help

Blackberry has rolled out cellphones running Android OS software.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico City, an Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral survey responses.

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New Oppressive Law In Mexico Allows Army To Police

Deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into narcotrafficking organizations.

Mexican Not Latino

Peter Thiel, Facebook Financier Backs Trump

Peter Thiel, who is gay according to Gawker, is one of Silicone Valley's vocal supporters for Trump's racist campaign.