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Facebook Financier Backs Trump (10/16/2016)

Facebook Financier Backs Trump (10/16/2016)

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La Cartita --- Peter Thiel has donated over 1.25 million dollars to the Trump campaign. This is so despite continued shunning of the candidate amidst sexual assault allegations. Thiel, who is gay, is also a board member at Facebook and a Pay Pal cofounder. Many find the political alignment with Trump contradictory given the candidate's regressive social policies. However, there is the possibility that Thiel senses a stricter set of guidelines with regards to media regulation on speech. Thiel was 'outed' by Gawker, a news website that specialized on particularly personal scoops. He subsquently financed a succesful Hulk Hogan lawsuit to bankrupt the outlet.

Furthermore, Peter Thiel continues to be a major influence on Facebook, which eliminated fact checking editors (who tend to lean against Republican causes) in favor of simply a simple rumor mill tracking 'Trending' function on the site's sidebar. This change resulted after Zuckerberg and his top managers met with Republican party operatives to curtail editorial influence on trending topics.

Historically, Thiel is also known as a major influence on Facebook's early development. Thiel provided seed funding to Zuckerberg's marketing platform. Finally, Trump and Thiel both appear to have a distinct interest in curtailing free speech. Last year, Gawker revealed Thiel is gay, which led to him financing Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker. Hogan sued Gawker over their publication of a sex tape on the platform.

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