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Border Patrol Officers Are Raping Women Held In Detention.

La Cartita --- While ACLU reports on women's abuse in Border Patrol managed gulags persist from decades past, the Intercept has published information that confirms the situation has worsened. Trump's aggresive policies have given already racist officials a legally affirmed 'carte blanche' to do anything to women, children and men detained.

The reports are far too painful to ignore. Over 1200 complaints were directed at BP officials and privately employed contractors from raza detained over the past seven years. These complaints were kept secret the entire time.

Medical personnel in private detention facilities are also being accused of sexually assaulting the vulnerable populations in this growing network of commercialized immigrant detention. BP officials have been accused of watching women they victimized shower after the fact. The reports add credence to the notion that Trump's aggresive posturing and Obama's nonchalant disposition towards raza women's plight have created the perfect storm for a corrupt task force to act with impunity.[See More]

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For Security Minded Activists, A Cheap $BB Blackberry Priv Model May Help

Blackberry has rolled out cellphones running Android OS software.

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Cambridge Analytica Spying on Mexicans

In Mexico City, an Android application is offering free phone service to users in exchange for behavioral survey responses.

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New Oppressive Law In Mexico Allows Army To Police

Deported Mexicans are in danger of being recruited into narcotrafficking organizations.

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Peter Thiel, Facebook Financier Backs Trump

Peter Thiel, who is gay according to Gawker, is one of Silicone Valley's vocal supporters for Trump's racist campaign.