La Cartita

As Rumors Of Peace Treaty In Mexicano Gangs Emerge, California AG Arrests Sureños in Santa Ana (5/4/2018)

La Cartita --- The arrest of 85 Sureños was anounced in a press conference in Santa Ana on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. They are alleged to have engaged in drug trafficking and other criminal enterprises. Relatively small amounts of Heroin and Methamphetemines along with 2 stolen vehicles were linked to the organization, but scant evidence besides the assertions of Becerra were presented at the Santa Ana press conference. A California CHP & OC Sherrifs Special Operations Unit has been assigned to the Sureños 13 organization in Santa Ana.

Becerra Playing Into OC Sheriff Hutchen's Agenda

Simultaneamente, Becerra finje rezguardar las leyes santuario de California que prohiben la filtracion de informacion hacia autoridades federales de detenidos indocumentados. Sin embargo, ICE recibe informacion de parte del OC Sheriff. Pandilleros o no, Becerra efectivamente expone a la comunidad mexicana hacia la deportacion con esta serie de arestos mientras supuestamente amenaze a la OC Sheriff por violacion de las leyes santuario de California.

También persisten rumores de or violating California Sanctuary laws. There are also rumors of white supremacists infiltrating local law enforcement in Orange County, potentially, making AG Xavier Becerra an unwilling collaborator with a White Power agenda.

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