What Is Chicano? The Unfortunate Misnomer 'Mexican-American'

The historical roots of Mexicans in this continent predates the age of Jesus Christ. As a result, Mexican: a nationality, ethnicity and rallying cry all at once is impossible to understand if viewed from a colonizer's lense.

What Is Chicano? The Unfortunate Misnomer 'Mexican-American'

Our varying form of ethnographic self-identity reflects different forms of anti-colonial resistance. This 'geography of resistance', then, reflects contemporary concerns for both colonizers and natives; in a morbid way, this is our shared experience, providing the etymological root of the term 'Mexican American', but with Mexican morally elevating us above the US government and the label 'American', begging the question of why individuals need to affix it to a real identity.

Chicano is reserved for those who are militantly anti-colonial, not as a synonym for dual citizenship.

What Is Mexican?

Within present day Mexico alone, ancient achievements include astronomical observation stations. The structures were built around 1100 AD to take advantage of the clear skies of what is called modern day 'EDOMEX' (Estado de México; State of Mexico). These stations - commonly called 'pyramids' due to their similarity with those structures in Egypt - are located in Teotihuacan, Edomex, 50 kilometers from Mexico City, itself built over a Venetian like acqueous environment e.g. surrounded by lakes and fertile soil.

Codices For Agriculture; Not Concerned With Expediting Death

Written history was also a necessity. Codices showing agricultural norms rewrote human history; in Estado de México, colonization has left those regions and their descendants with e-waste, insecurity and US arms trafficked illegally from up-north.

Southwards, the land of Mexico City was conserved and developed by Mexica peoples long before the arrival of the Latin/Spanish. Those achievements include a sophisticated agriculture and food cultivation process that predates Europe's worst famines... by thousands of years. Weapons of war were not the specialty for ancient Mexicans, a broad, irregular term that encompasses many of the people with a shared network of complex familial ties, trade routes and unified geography.

Manifest Destiny: The Psychology of Domestic Affairs For The Empire

While Europe was concerned with expediting death, exploiting the powder explosive discovered from China, people in present-day Yucatan, Mexico, were conceiving of the number 'zero'. The ideological and philosophical differences are stark.

Scarcity, as many in modern Mexico understand all too well, created a desperation for European feuds, bloodlust and avarice that warped the perception of their local environment. The psychosis caused them to invade over an ocean. Their conception of 'locality' culminated into today's manifest destiny, a moral philosophy that dictates everything under this side of the world should belong to the European descendants of the United States.

Eternal dominion over everything and everyone has guided the moral philosophy of European exceptionalism, for centuries.

The Danger Of Self Labeling As An Immigrant: You're Legitimizing Violence

Thus, the danger of presenting ourselves as foreign to our homelands is not only perpetuating a historical inaccuracy, but also a cause for alarm in our day-to-day safety.

If we accept the US Government's notion of 'local', that holds they - the network of Anglican Europeans - are local to the Americas while we - the true natives - are foreign, then what can we expect even under the best case scenario where the Democratic Party looks towards some enlightenment ideals.

After all, liberal democracies are cemented at the margins of this particular ideological leaning, but what made their governments possible and expansive, were the intuitions the Europeans gleamed from the Dark Ages: scarcity, disease, survival, cannabilization fears all converted into violence and treachery.

Europeans brutalized whole societies on the false premise that everyone but they is a stranger. In this context, then, saying 'immigrant' seems akin to legitimizing your position as a 'target', and, we, as Mexicans, should be labeled as neither a 'target' for laws or 'strangers' in this land. Just native.

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