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Birth Citizenship Under Attack By Trump, Conservatives in Washington D.C.

La Cartita --- Earlier this week, Trump floated a proposal to rescind the citizenship of children born to undocumented parents. As a matter of constitutional law, the issue is resolved, but because of its potent use for racists, the concept of citizenship is now being redefined in an effort to stem the demographic growth of Mexicans, and other non-whites in the United States.

Euro News: Eating pizza under the shelling: life on the contact line in eastern Ukraine

Raleigh News & Observer:

1 person killed, 1 wounded in Carrboro shooting

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Solar Sector Fires Shot At Wall Street

With New York City billboards, solar sector fires salvo in propaganda war against finance sector in home turf.

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AMLO Cancels US Helicopter Purchases

Purchases of the Lockheed Martin MH-60 helicopter are set to be canceled by new popular Mexican president.

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Drono aterriza en propiedad de jefe de seguridad estatal en Baja California.

Un drono con grenadas aterrizo en la propiedad de Gerardo Manuel Sosa Olachea, el jefe de seguridad en Baja California.

Mexican Not Latino

Mr.Clever & Organized Cartel

Rapper releases a string of new albums for global community that bumps cerebral gangster music.