Commander of the UPOEG (Community Police) Assassinated in Guerrero, alongside his 14, 8 year old children and wife.

The interior of the Jeep vehicle, with no weapons for the individual to defend himself and his family.

La Cartita --- In a merciless killing, an armed group ambushed and executed a community police force commander in the outskirts of Guerrero state's capital in Chilpancingo. The man was the head of community police force of the 'Pueblos Union', a local task force providing security to the often victimized communities in Guerrero's rural areas.

At approximately 1 pm, the cowardly attack was observed in Ocotito, according to community witnesses. The attack may have taken place at the outskits of the Mohoneras township over the federal highway.

Mexican soldiers in federal highway, seemingly unaware of the assasination.

Over the Mexico-Acapulco federal highway, a Mexican military roadblock has been established, which is significant because the elements station near the area opted to not intervene. Along with these individuals, the state police also monitored the zone, somehow not hearing the shots in broad daylight.

According to the UPOEG, the FUPCEG, another community police based out of Tlacotepec and Xaltianguis is planning attacks out of La Lima, a municipality of Juan R. Escuder and Amatlan.

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Latino: the Manufactured Super Consumer

How Corporations and Government Use Consumerism and False Identities to Subvert Mexicans.

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AG Sessions Visits LA, California Triggers Protests

Jeff Sessions visit To Los Ángeles, California triggered dozens of arrests and protests.

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AMLO Cancels US Helicopters

Purchases of the Lockheed Martin MH-60 helicopter canceled.

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Politician Daughter Assassinated

During a session in Mexico's House of Representatives, a lawmaker received word that her daughter was killed while at a Veracruz gym.