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Extremist firm supplied guards at German concentration camp memorial (2/18/2019)

Berlin (DPA) -- Employees from a right-wing extremist security company were partly used for guard duty at Nazi concentration camp memorial sites near Berlin. People from the company were employed for a total of six shifts, a spokesman for the Brandenburg Memorials Foundation confirmed on Saturday. Brandenburg is the state that surrounds the German capital. The spokesman was confirming a report in the local newspaper, the Maerkische Allgemeine.

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Pictured: Holocaust Memorial Near Brandenburg Gate Nazi Security Firm Guards Holocaust Memorials On Berlin Outskirts

The security company from the eastern city of Cottbus was hired by the officially commissioned company as a subcontractor. The memorials foundation has asked the responsible security company to discontinue its business relations with the subcontractor. The incident would be investigated further, the spokesman said.

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Huachicoleo Explosion Leaves 85 Dead

An illegal tap on PEMEX fuel duct leaves 85 dead, 80 injured after pipeline explodes

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Car Bomb in Bogota

A car bomb explodes at police academy in Bogota, Colombia, but details remain unclear.

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Politician Daughter Assassinated

During a session in Mexico's House of Representatives, a lawmaker received word that her daughter was killed while at a Veracruz gym.

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Davis Campus Police Killed On-Duty

Daughter of former Yolo County Sheriff was killed in Downtown Davis shooting.