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Emily Chang Reflects On Seachange After Book Publishing:

A Look into Silicon Valley’s Culture | Emily Chang: Emily Chang , a Harvard University graduate and five-time regional Emmy award-winning journalist, discusses her new book, Brotopia, which was published earlier this year. As a critically acclaimed exposé, it reveals Silicon Valley’s sexist, aggressive, and misogynistic culture where women are vastly outnumbered and face toxic workplaces full of discrimination and sexual harassment. For Chang, the only way to fix this toxic culture? To finally bring down this Brotopia.

Tinder Blankets Lefty Areas of Berlin With Propaganda

New Zealand Radio News:

Councillors bite back at Lime's email blitz

Auckland councillors bombarded by emails in support of the e-scooter company Lime say it's a tactic other lobbyists have tried, such as in the 1080 debate.

Bill Gates Comments On Trump Not Knowing Difference Between HIV & HPV:

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Conozca el Robot GOLEM de la UNAM

El Robot 'GOLEM' reconoce el hablado humano y actua como un mesero automatizado.

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Chicanos lideran un estudio de Cancer en UC Davis

Knights Landing con 1,200 residentes Mexicanos que ayudan en un estudio sobre Cancer.

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Un $BB Blackberry Priv Para Activistas

Celulares con OS Android pueden resguardar seguridad del usuario.

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Empresa de informática Pro-Trump busca interferir en elección presidencial de México

La empresa usa la aplicación para investigar preferencias electorales de mas de 200 mil usuarios en Colombia y México.