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On Tuesday, November 27 the Trump administration declared in Executive order 13851 a: "...national emergency to deal with the threat posed by the situation in Nicaragua"

These new santions will target individuals in the Nicaraguan goverment and are an expansion on the US sanctions taken in December and June under Magnitsky Act. The goverment officials targeted by the new executive order sactions are Vice President Rosario Maria Murillo de Ortega and key adviser Nestor Moncada Lau.

These sanctions are part of the barrage of attacks the Nicaraguan Sandinista government has had to deal with for many years..

Since at least the year 2014 the U.S National Endowment for Democracy has funded right wing opposition groups totalling in 4.1 million dollars to fund 57 projects to:

Gather data on “The increased presence of Russia and China in the region”, “citizen security, national defense, and for the training of activist. To “expand the number of alliances with like-minded civil society organizations to raise awareness on the importance of much needed reforms in the electoral system”, “produce 48 radio programs”, “conduct eight democracy forums in four Nicaraguan cities as well as three workshops on civic education”, and “A series of meetings, forums, and workshops will also be conducted throughout Nicaraguan cities to discuss institutional reforms that will strengthen democracy”. To “work with youth, women, and LGBTI movements to identify areas of common interest and organize activities on their defense”, use social media to “raise awareness about these issues and democratic values in general”, and Promote “Great Cohesion Among Nicaraguan Social Movements”.

Allen Weinstein, a founder and theoretical planner for the NED, has stated: “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”

U.S academic Benjamin Waddell, the academic director of the School for International Training in Nicaragua has declared these actions has "Laying the groundwork for insurrection" in an article published in Global Americans.

Nicaragua's USAID budget topped $5.2 million in 2018 to fund training of civil society and media organizations. Univision and Telemundo have used these tainted sources are their news fountains.

Not only has NED and USAID funded opposition groups but so has the International Republican Institute, National Democratic Institute, and George Soro’s Open Society Foundations.

On April 19th these U.S funded efforts eventually exploded in a 3 month campaign of violence and terror.

The terrorism of the U.S funded movement known as the Alianza Civica or Movimiento 19 de Abril, which is being promoted under the hashtag sosnicaragua, committed the following crimes from April 19 to July 25 2018.

- 1500 civilians injured
- 100 civilians kidnapped, tortured, and abused
- 198 Nicaraguans murdered, 22 of them were police and 5 of them students.

Some other facts about "sosnicaragua" - Tied to and subservient to the US government - Being led by oligarchs and big business interests that are out of power and cannot win elections - Spreading false propaganda through oligarch-controlled media like confidencial and La Prensa, often funded by NED, as well as highly-manipulated social media echoed by western media, especially The New York Times, The Guardian, Washington Post and cable TV news outlets.

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